Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Recital Dress Rehearsal

HELLO INFINITY DANCERS AND PARENTS!! Here are the dress rehearsal times and days for the Spring Recitals:) Order of the actual shows are on there way and please refer to your dancers instructor for more details.

Spring Recital Dress Rehearsal 2013

Thursday May 16
Tinys 4-4:10 Circus
Minis 4:10-4:20 Mad House
Tinys 4:20-4:30 Over the Rainbow
Minis 4:30-4:40 Rag Dolls
Tinys 4:40-4:50 New Hip Hop black pants and green hoodie
Minis 4:50-5:00 ballet combos wear black leo, pink tights and ballet shoes and hair in bun (I have skirt and bow)
Tweens 5:00-5:10 Party Girls
Smalls 5:10-5:20 Sailing Home
Tweens 5:20-5:30 Release Me
Smalls 5:30-5:40 Paris
Tweens 5:40-5:50 Just the Way You Are
Smalls 5:50-6:00 ballet (Wear black leotard and pink tights with ballet shoes)
Tweens 6:00-6:10 ballet (Wear “Just the way you are” with ballet shoes and pink tights and put side pony tail in a bun)
I-Jump 6:10-6:20 Back in Time
Tweens and Smalls 6:20-6:30 Cops and Robbers
I-Jump 6:30-6:40 Johnny Angel
Varsity Jazzerette 6:40-6:50 Ballet
JV Jazzerette 6:50-7:00 Ballet
Varsity Jazzerette 7:00 After the storm
JV Jazzerette 7:10 Cinema
Varsity Jazzerette 7:20 Settle Down
JV Jazzerette 7:30 Im Home
Vasity Jazzerette 7:40 Diamonds
JV Jazzerette 7:50 Get BIzzy
JV INTRO 8:10-8:30
I-Crew 8:30-8:40 Work it out/Turbulence
I-Crew 8:40-9:00 NEW DANCE

Friday May 17th
Samantha 5-6 Hip Hop 4:00
Alyson 5-6 Ballet/Jazz 4:15
Teisha 5-6 ballet/jazz 4:30
Lindee 5-6 Hip Hop 4:45
Chelsie 7-12 Hip Hop 5:00
Ashley 7-12 hip hop 5:15
Teisha BOYS hip hop 5:30
Alyson 7-12 ballet/jazz 5:45-6:00

SHOW STARTS AT 7:30 Doors open at 6:30pm

Saturday May 18th
Samantha 3-4 ballet/jazz 11:00am
Cassi 3-4 Hip Hop 11:15am
Lindee 3-4 Hip Hop 11:30am
Alyson 3-4 Ballet/Jazz 11:45am
Cassi 1-2 ballet/jazz 12:00
Natalie 1-2 Hip Hop 12:15
Chelsie 1-2 Hip Hop 12:30
Samantha 1-2 ballet/jazz 12:45
Samantha 1-2 ballet/jazz 1:00pm
Natalie kindergarten 1:15
Natalie 4yr 1:30
Samantha 3yr 1:45
Samantha 4yr 2:00pm
Samantha kindergarten 2:15
Alyson 3yr 2:30
Lindsey 3yr 2:45
Lindsey 4yr 3:00
Lindsey kindergarten 3:15

DOORS OPEN AT 4:15 show starts at 5:00
Clear out again doors open at 6:45 show starts at 7:30

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