Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Summer Dance Blast!

Our 7th Annual SUMMER DANCE BLAST is coming June25-29.  You can register NOW to reserve your spot!  Please print the registration form and  bring to the studio with your registration fee.  You can also mail it to the Central Studio location. 

Remember to register by JUNE 11 to avoid the late fee! 

We are super excited to have a Blast with you this summer!

Competition Team Pictures

Thursday March 1st and Friday March 2nd:  TEAM PICTURES

Tinys pictures 3:30-5:00 then practice from 5-6pm
        1 Ballet with hair in bun on top of head
        2 Beiber Bots with hair piece
        3 Footloose
        4 Warm-ups
Minis pictures 4:30-6:00 then practice from 6-7pm
       1 Hip Hop " 10's Across the Board" hair in two buns
       2 warm-ups  hair in two buns
       3 ballet hair pulled back into 1 bun
       4 Hot wings
Smalls Pictures 6:00-7:30 practice before pictures from 4:30-5:30pm
    1 singing in the rain 2 low curly pony tails
    2 warm-ups side right pony tail
    3 Smile   Hair in sock bun (NOTE THE CHANGE IN HAIR!!)
    4 Snow White Hair in sock bun
    5 Ballet Blue high sock bun on top of head.
I-Crew pictures 7:30-8:15 practice from 8:15-9:00pm
   1 Gamers
   2 Fanny Pak

FRIDAY all teams wear their hair in pictures how its worn for the dance at competitions
I-Jump picture from 4-5pm then practice from 5-6pm
          1 Schools Out
          2 Tea Party
Jazerettes pictures from 5:00-7:00pm
         1 Warm-ups hair down
         2 Money curly pony tail
         3 Im Home high bun
         4 Ballet high bun
         5 Bratitude high bun
         6 Hot Like Wow Hair like last year... a puff on top of head then a messy bun followed by a braid
Juniors pictures from 6:30-8:30pm
         1 Bratitude high bun
         2 Papi high bun
         3 Set Fire to the rain  high bun
         4 Ballet high bun (Juniors please bring black hot shorts you can wear with your new
black leotard you just got!)
         5 Warm-ups hair down
         6 Got No Strings pig tails

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fall Registration 2012-2013

We will have registration info and forms ready for you to register on July 15. Please check back in June for more Info!

Dance camp and summer class registration forms will be ready for you next week!

Rigby Festival Cancelled!

We will not be performing on Saturday Feb 25 in Rigby. The schedule was not available as soon as we had hoped and I don't think it's fair to you to have to wait.