Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Calendar

Monday, January 24th
Shelley Talent show @ Shelley High School
Arrive ready to go at 5:30-Show starts at 6 pm
Admission is $2 per person or $5 for a family of 4 or more
Tinys- BOTH dances
Minis- Work it Girl
Smalls- Don't Stop Believin'

Tuesday, January 25th
Half-Time Shelley High School
JV Game: (Be there at 5:30 ready to go)
Smalls- Don't Stop Believin'
Minis- At the Hop
Varsity: (Be there at 7)
Juniors- Feel My Love
Jazzerettes- Hot Like Wow

Friday, January 28th
Juniors- Extra Practice- EAST studio 5-8 pm
Jazzerettes- Sleepover at EAST studio 8 pm-9 am

Saturday, January 29th
Tinys- Extra Practice 9-10 am EAST studio

Monday, February 7th
SOLO night! 7 pm Central studio
Parents are invited to watch. All solos, duos trios are performing

Wednesday, February 9th
Juniors and Jazzerettes
Stage Practice @ Hillcrest 4-7 pm
**Evening of Dance @ Civic Auditorium
Jazzerettes- Hot Like Wow
Juniors- Body Rock

Thursday, February 10th
Smalls, Minis, Tinys
Stage practice @ Hillcrest 4-7 pm

Friday/Saturday, February 11-12th
Competition-Dance For Life- Ogden, Utah
Admission: $7 per person OR Bring a can of food and it is $4 per person

Saturday, March 5th
Rigby Dance Festival @ Rigby High School
All Teams will Attend
Plan on being there all day! We will let you know what time to be there as we receive more details.
Admission: $5 per person Age 3 and under are free

Saturday, April 23rd
Juniors, Smalls, Minis, Tinys
Competition- Idaho Dance Fest- Pocatello
Admission- $5
*More details TBA

Friday/Saturday, April 29-30th
Competition- Utah Dance Championships- Roy, Utah
Admission: $6 per person Age 5 and under are free

Saturday, May 7th
Jazzerettes- JUMP Workshop
$65 fee due ASAP
Also, for parents to observe the workshop is $35

Friday/Saturday, May 13-14th
Competition- Celebrity- Logan, Utah
Admission: FREE!!! :)

Summer Dates

Team Try outs
Saturday June 4th- Central Studio
Times TBA

Summer Dance Blast
June 20-June 24th

Intensive Camp (Required for all competing dancers)
June 27-July 1

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Competition and Performance Dates

Here are 3 competitions that have been finalized:

Febuary 12 and 13 in Ogden, Ut "Dance for Life" at the Val A. Browning Center
on Weber State Campus

April 29 and 30 in Roy, Ut "Utah Dance Championships" at Roy High School

May 13 and 14 in Logan, Ut "Celebrity" at the Utah State Campus

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL NOT be going to Utah Dance Fest in Logan on April 16 and 17.

We are still looking for one more competition to attend locally, but if we can't find a good one then we will go
to another Utah one.

ALL SOLOS DUETS AND will be recieveing a package the first week we get back with all your registration forms
in it to be filled out and sent into the competitions. "Dance for Life" is due DEC 31st!!!! However I called the lady in charge and she said that you can turn it in next week. If you would like to get it off today or tomorrow the forms are hanging on my front door of my house
in a plastic sack. 2084 Eagles Homestead Dr, Ammon


January 7th Friday Hillcrest Boys Basketball
JV-Juniors Jazz "Push Push"
Jazzerettes Jazz "Rock N USA"
Varsity Juniors Hip Hop "Zombie"
Jazzerettes Hip Hop "Hoodies

January 12th Bengal Dancer Farewell (This is a performance where other teams come out to perform with ISU
Bengale Dancers before they leave for Nationals in Floridia )
Jazzerettes "Hot Like Wow"
" Steal the Show"

January 25th Shelley Tuesday
JV- Smalls "Don't Stop Believin"
Minis Jazz "Shake, Rattle, & Roll"
Varsity-Juniors Modern "Feel My Love"
Jazzerettes Jazz "Hot Like Wow"

February 9th Shelley Wednesday
JV- Tinys Jazz Dance "Mickey"
Juniors other Hip Hop "Body Rock"

MARCH 24th Thursday Pocatello "Spring Show"
This show is to help raise money for scholarships for the CSI
dance camp that 13 IDS girls attended last summer and I
hope we get more girls going this summer!
It starts at 6:30 and the following teams will attend:
Jazzerettes, Juniors, and Smalls!

Upcoming Events

Hello Competition Teams!

Please read the whole list and maybe even twice :) Thanks for being soooo awesome at the winter recitals and showing all other studio dancer a great example! I love my teams and team parents very much!! I am very excited to perform like crazy now!

1. Girls in the half times this Friday need to be at Hillcrest at 6 pm...Jazzerettes still have dance from 4-5pm Juniors DO NOT have dance from 5-6pm.

2. January 24th is Shelley Drill Team Talent Show at 6pm and IDS has been a asked to attend. I would like to take younger girls who normally do not have practice on Monday because we need all the practice time we can get before the big comp on Feb 12th! Smalls will perform their new dance "Don't Stop Believin" , Minis will perform "Work it Girl", and Tinys will perform both "Mickey" and "Down Set Hut"

3. I need all juniors to bring back their brown dresses so we can sew ribbon on the bottom of them ASAP!

4. Which brings me to my next thing....Would anyone be willing to sew some ribbon on the bottom of the 22 brown dresses? Any help with costumes right now would be awesome!!

5. Minis leg warmers are still not here from target when I ordered them Nov.11th.....the company said "they are not in warehouse, so they are waiting to be shipped" whatever that means :( So please continue to have your dancer wear her socks she got at winter recital. Thanks

6. JAZZERETTES ARE IN SERIOUS NEED OF TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES!!! We would like to have a sleep over/ all night practice at East Studio on January 28th. This is something we did at the studio I grew up at and it was always a BLAST! ALL JAZZERETTES need to be there! This is an all or none sort of thing :) Let me know if this date will not work so we can figure something else out. (Don't worry other teams we will plan something fun for you as well)

7. All solos, duet, and trio will have an all together practice /show n tell on Monday Feb. 7th at 7pm at Central studio...Parents are welcome. Good practice before competitions.

8 .STAGE PRACTICE AT HILLCREST will be Feb 9th for Jazzerettes and Juniors from 4-7pm and Thursday Feb 10th for Tinys, Minis, and Smalls from 4-7pm. This will be great right before the competition that weekend!

I think that is it for now.....I know that is alot of information, but the more you know the better :)