Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer Dance Classes

Hello everyone!

It's time to start thinking about summer classes!! The classes will be offered on Monday and Wednesdays and you can see the schedule below. Classes run for 7 weeks and we are only offering it as a whole block. (As an example, you can't only pay for six weeks because you'll be on vacation one week.) That being said, we understand that people miss in the summer. :) If you'll be gone, just let your instructor know. Once you've paid for the block, there won't be any refunds-no exceptions.

Sign-ups are in the office and we can only hold your spot once you have paid in full. The class sizes will be limited to 12 in the tumbling classes and 20 in the others.

The classes will run from July 1st-August 14th every Monday and Wednesday.
The cost is: 1 Class for 7 weeks every Mon/Wed: $150
2 classes for 7 weeks every Mon/Wed: $175
3 classes for 7 weeks every Mon/Wed: $200

8-9am 1st-3rd grade
9-10:30 4-7 grade
10:30-12 8 grade-up

8-9am 8 grade-up
9-10:30 1-3 grade
10:30-12 4-7 grade

8-9am 4-7 grade
9-10:30 8 grade-up
10:30-12 1-3 grade

I will be in the office tomorrow night (Tues) from 4:00-6:30 and Thursday night from 4:30-7:30.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply and we will get back to you asap.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Recital Dress Rehearsal

HELLO INFINITY DANCERS AND PARENTS!! Here are the dress rehearsal times and days for the Spring Recitals:) Order of the actual shows are on there way and please refer to your dancers instructor for more details.

Spring Recital Dress Rehearsal 2013

Thursday May 16
Tinys 4-4:10 Circus
Minis 4:10-4:20 Mad House
Tinys 4:20-4:30 Over the Rainbow
Minis 4:30-4:40 Rag Dolls
Tinys 4:40-4:50 New Hip Hop black pants and green hoodie
Minis 4:50-5:00 ballet combos wear black leo, pink tights and ballet shoes and hair in bun (I have skirt and bow)
Tweens 5:00-5:10 Party Girls
Smalls 5:10-5:20 Sailing Home
Tweens 5:20-5:30 Release Me
Smalls 5:30-5:40 Paris
Tweens 5:40-5:50 Just the Way You Are
Smalls 5:50-6:00 ballet (Wear black leotard and pink tights with ballet shoes)
Tweens 6:00-6:10 ballet (Wear “Just the way you are” with ballet shoes and pink tights and put side pony tail in a bun)
I-Jump 6:10-6:20 Back in Time
Tweens and Smalls 6:20-6:30 Cops and Robbers
I-Jump 6:30-6:40 Johnny Angel
Varsity Jazzerette 6:40-6:50 Ballet
JV Jazzerette 6:50-7:00 Ballet
Varsity Jazzerette 7:00 After the storm
JV Jazzerette 7:10 Cinema
Varsity Jazzerette 7:20 Settle Down
JV Jazzerette 7:30 Im Home
Vasity Jazzerette 7:40 Diamonds
JV Jazzerette 7:50 Get BIzzy
JV INTRO 8:10-8:30
I-Crew 8:30-8:40 Work it out/Turbulence
I-Crew 8:40-9:00 NEW DANCE

Friday May 17th
Samantha 5-6 Hip Hop 4:00
Alyson 5-6 Ballet/Jazz 4:15
Teisha 5-6 ballet/jazz 4:30
Lindee 5-6 Hip Hop 4:45
Chelsie 7-12 Hip Hop 5:00
Ashley 7-12 hip hop 5:15
Teisha BOYS hip hop 5:30
Alyson 7-12 ballet/jazz 5:45-6:00

SHOW STARTS AT 7:30 Doors open at 6:30pm

Saturday May 18th
Samantha 3-4 ballet/jazz 11:00am
Cassi 3-4 Hip Hop 11:15am
Lindee 3-4 Hip Hop 11:30am
Alyson 3-4 Ballet/Jazz 11:45am
Cassi 1-2 ballet/jazz 12:00
Natalie 1-2 Hip Hop 12:15
Chelsie 1-2 Hip Hop 12:30
Samantha 1-2 ballet/jazz 12:45
Samantha 1-2 ballet/jazz 1:00pm
Natalie kindergarten 1:15
Natalie 4yr 1:30
Samantha 3yr 1:45
Samantha 4yr 2:00pm
Samantha kindergarten 2:15
Alyson 3yr 2:30
Lindsey 3yr 2:45
Lindsey 4yr 3:00
Lindsey kindergarten 3:15

DOORS OPEN AT 4:15 show starts at 5:00
Clear out again doors open at 6:45 show starts at 7:30

Roy results

Sorry it took me a while to give results, but I have to admit I wanted to let the dancers know in class!!

Ok so Infinity ROCKED IT on Saturday April 20!! The total points is out 300 total....300 being PERFECT
Each studio got a special award and our studio got the one and only BEST TECHNIQUE/EXECUTION AWARD!
That is by far the best one to get!!

Circus took 1st place with a 288 pts plus they won Judges Choice in Lane 1 out of 70 different dances!!
Over the rainbow took 1st with a 285 and 2nd place was a 269 yikes tinys you killed them!

Rag Dolls 1st place 289 and 2nd was a 281
Mad House 1st place 286

Johnny Angel 1st place 283
Back in Time 1st place 288

Paris 2nd place 290
Sailing Home 1st place 285.5

COPS AND ROBBERS 1ST PLACE AND HIGHEST SCORE 298 pts IN LANE 2...out of 70 different dances!!

Just the Way You Are 1st place 290.5
Release Me 2nd place 283.5
Party Girls 1st place 285 and 2nd was a 279

JV Jazzerettes
Cinema 1st place 288
Get BIzzy 1st place 287
Put Your Records On 2nd place 294...AWESOME 3rd was a 286 and 1st was close
I'm Home 1st place 291.5

Varsity Jazzerettes
Diamonds 1st place 295.5 WOW GIRLS
Settle Down 1st place 288
After the Storm 1st place 291.5
Viva La Vida 1st place 287

Turbulence 1st place with 291
Work It Out 1st place with 289

Stay tuned for results from yesterday in Boise......SO FUN!!!!!
Love Gertie

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tryouts for 2013-2014

Try-outs for next years competition teams will be held on JUNE 1st at the Central location.

You MUST have a parent/guardians signature on the competition agreement to try out. 
No exceptions!
The agreement is here  for you to print and sign before tryouts. 

Tinys- (Kinder-2nd grade) 9:00-10:30
Minis (2nd-3rd grade) 10:30-12:00
I-Jump (4th-7th Hip Hop only) 10:30-12:00
Smalls (4th-6th grade) 12:00-2:00
Lunch Break
Tweens (6th-8th grade) 2:30-4:00
JV Jazzerettes (8th-up) 4:00-6:00
Varsity Jazzerettes (8th-up) 4:00-6:00
I-Crew (8-up Hip Hop only) 6:00-7:30

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Schedule Apr 19-20

Its finally here...the schedule for ROY, UT.
The owner of this event had a very serious family emergency so that is why it took so long.
This competition takes place at ROY HIGH SCHOOL in Roy, Utah.

TINYS need to arrive ready at 8:30am for "Circus"
"Circus" will perform around 9:39am
"Over the Rainbow" 11:36 am

MINIS need to arrive ready at 1:15 for "Rag Dolls"
"Rag Dolls" perform at 2:18pm
"Mad House" at 3:06pm

SMALLS need to arrive at 8:45am ready for "Sailing Home"
"Sailing Home" performs at 9:51am
"Paris" 10:51am
"Cops and Robbers" 2:15pm

I-JUMP need to arrive ready at 2:00pm for "Back in Time"
"Back in Time" performs at 2:57pm
"Johnny's Angels" at 3:45pm

TWEENS need to arrive at 9:30 ready for "Just the Way You Are"
"Just the Way You Are" dances at 10:33am
"Party Girls" 12:36pm
"Release Me" 1:15pm
"Cops and Robbers" 2:15pm

JV Jazzerettes need to arrive ready at 9:00am for "Im Home"
"Im Home" dances at 10:03am
"Put Your Records On" 12:09pm
"Cinema" 1:42pm
"Get Bizzy" 2:54pm

VARSITY Jazzerettes need to arrive at 2:00pm ready for "After the Storm"
"After the Storm" dances at 3:09pm
"Viva La Vida" 3:42pm
"Settle Down" 4:00pm
"Diamonds" 4:15pm

I-CREW needs to arrive at 3:45pm ready for "Work it Out"
"Work it Out" dances at 4:48pm
"Turbulence" dance at 5:00pm

AWARDS AT 6:45pm!!

Thanks Gertie

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spotlight order of show

Ok remember when I said we hardly ever dance on the Friday of a competition.....
well Tinys and Minis dance FRIDAY APRIL 26TH at 2:00pm!!!!!! I KNOW I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

Spotlight is held at the Nampa Civic Center
Here is the order for Boise and times you need to be ready to go:

Tinys and Minis need to be ready at 1:00pm
"Over the Rainbow" performs at 2:22pm
"Rag Dolls" performs at 2:25pm
"Circus" 2:44pm
"Mad House" 2:48pm

Awards for Tinys and Minis at 6:20pm

Solos Friday
"Break In" performs at 7:07pm
"My Idea of Heaven" 7:16pm
"The Meadow" 9:11pm

"2 Crows" performs at 7:15am yes in the morning!
"Ocean Sized Love" 7:18am

Teams Saturday
Varsity needs to be ready at 6:45am
"After the Storm" performs at 7:43am
"Settle Down" 8:01am
"Viva La Vida" 8:20 am
"Diamonds" 8:38 am
I-Crew needs to be ready at 8:00 am
"Turbulence" 8:57 am
"Work It OUt" 9:15am

Jv Varsity and Tweens needs to be ready at 10:00am
"Put Your Records On" performs at 11:14am
"Release Me" 11:25am
"Im Home" 11:32am
"Just the Way You Are"11:51am
"Cinema" 11:54am
"Party Girls" 12:09pm
"Get BIzzy" 12:17pm

AWARDS FOR Varsity, ICrew, JV, and Tweens at 1:30pm

Smalls and IJump need to be ready at 3:00pm
"Cops and Robbers" 4:08pm
"Paris" 4:52pm
"Johnny Angel" 5:10pm
"Sailing Home" 5:18pm
"Back In Time" 5:33pm

Awards for Smalls and I-Jump at 7:30pm

Duos Saturday
"Crazy Chick" performs at 6:21pm

Solo Saturday
"On Top of the World" performs at 10:21pm

I called the UDC in Roy, UT this morning to see if they had schedule done and they DO NOT.
So as soon as I get that I will send it out, but I do know that Varsity and I-Crew are late that evening of the

Thanks Gertie IDS

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Competition Team Pictures

April 9th
3:30-4:30 TINYS
1st Circus
2nd over the rainbow
3rd Green Hoodies
4:30-5:30 MINIS
1st Rag Dolls
2nd Mad House
3rd Green Hoodies
5:30-6:30 TWEENS
1st Just the Way You Are
2nd Realease Me
3rd Party Girls
4th Green Hoodies
7:00-8:00 Smalls
1st Paris
2nd Sailing Home
3rd Green Hoodies

April 10th
4:00pm-5:00pm I-Jump
1st Back in Time
2nd Johnny Angel
3rd Green Hoodies
5:00-6:45 JV Jazzerettes FAST CHANGES
1st Put Your Record On
2nd Get Bizzy
3rd Im Home
4th Cinema
6th Green Hoodies
6:45-8:30 Varsity Jazzerettes FAST CHANGES
1st Viva LA Vida
2nd Ballet
3rd After the Storm
4th Settle Down
5th Diamonds
6th Green Hoodies
8:30-9:30 I-Crew
1st Work it Out
2nd Turbulence
3rd Green Hoodies