Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Registration for 2011-2012

We have decided to do registration throughout the summer to avoid the long lines and 2 crazy nights this fall!  Watch for the exact date, but it will be this JUNE when registration will be open.  Please be sure to follow the registration process as outlined to be sure your daughter/son gets into the desired class.

1.  Fill out registration form and sign dancer agreement.
2.  Pay registration fee and turn in forms.
3.  Select class your dancer will attend. 

Filling out the form will not guarantee them a spot in the class until the fee has been paid.  The forms will be available in the next few weeks here on the blog and at the studio locations.  We are working out the class schedule now and will have that for you soon.  Please pass the word to all your friends and perspective dancers that we have changed the registration this year and to be on the look out for the first day of registration, in June. 

Thanks and we look forward to dancing with you!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Utah Dance Championships, Roy UT, April 29-30

Hi All

Here is all the information you need for April 29th and 30th.
All solos, Duet, and Trio will be Friday night and all teams will be on Saturday.

Here are the times I would like each team to be READY to go on Saturday...
not walking in the door, but READY
Tinys- 9:30 am in Down, Set, Hut
Minis- 8:30 am in Work It Girl
Smalls- 10:30 am in Lollipop
Juniors- 8:30 am in Push Push
Jazzerettes- 8:00 am in Smile

It will be a long day for all teams! Lets keep our energy going by really cheering loud for one another and staying positive all day.

Dancers are getting all the information in a packet at dance today!
Juniors and Jazzerettes are more then welcome to come and pick up their packets today as well.

Each dancer will have a wristband attached to packet that is how they get into the competition. Please
wear wristband on RIGHT hand for Saturday. If you lose it you will have to pay to get into competition.

Also I would REALLY REALLY like any Jazzerettes and Juniors to come on Thursdays when they can!

Jazzerettes at 3:30-4:30 and Juniors at 4:30-5:30
The younger teams really look forward to it!
Thanks Gertie

Utah Dance Championships
April 29th and 30th
Roy, UT
 Notes from UDC:

Youhave been assigned a dressing room for Saturday.  See the attached map for your dressing room location! Please check your dressing rooms before awards and be sure they are left in good condition!  Absolutely  NO GLITTER is allowed in the school!

All props that come in contact with the floor must be carpeted or rubberized!  Any damage caused by your props will be your responsibility.

Please have your teams lined up and ready to take the floor immediatelyfollowing the routine before you.  To stay on the time schedulewe may have to tighten up the entrances so please be ready!

You and your students can go to the website www.utahdancechampionships.com to see updated line-ups once any corrections or changes have been made.

A"DANCE OFF" will be held while the tabulation is being completed on Friday & Saturday.  The cost is $3 and the money goes to the winner in each category!  There will be several different categories.

Concessions will be set up as a fundraiser for the High School Drill Team. Inform your parents that no outside food or drink is allowed in the school and to please support the Drill Team fundraiser.

DIRECTIONS TO ROY HIGH:  From I-15 take the5600 S. exit #338 and go West.  At the 1st light turn right (North) on 1900 West. At the light on 4800 S. turn left (West).  The School is a few blocks down on the right hand side.  Go through the parking lot to the gym area at the back.  The address is 2150 W. 4800 S. Roy, UT 84067

I sincerely thank you foryour support of Utah Dance Championships!

Idaho Dance Fest, Pocatello April 23

Tinys need to come ready @ 11:30 am 1st dance Mickey
Minis @ 12:00 pm 1st dance At the Hop
Small @ 11:45 am 1st dance Dont Stop Believing with hair parted on the left on low pony tail on the right
Juniors @ 12:00 pm 1st dance Feel My Love
Jazzerettes will not be dancing at this competition because they will be attending Jump Workshop in SLC.However I would love it if they could come and support the others!!

This is Easter Weekend  so as soon as you dancer is done performing for the day you are free to go!All teams need to arrive at 6pm in the other gym.

It is now the time of year we have been working soooo hard for!!! Competitions!! I ask that everyone come prepared  There are way too many dancers forgetting their costumes and such! I made everyone a check list PLEASE go over it before you leave your house. I am organized so that you can be as well :)

All teams are gearing up for Jazzerettes in Concert May 20th with NEW dances!! Minis and Tinys are doing a Justin Beber dance with guest Jazzerette performers! Smalls and Juniors are teaming up together to do a dance as well.
If you have too days absent or ups that could result in an absent you can make them up by coming to practice with the other team you are dancing with!!!

Tinys & Minis can come Wednesdays from 4:30-5pm with Jazzerettes
Smalls need to come every Friday from 5-6pm at East studio
Juniors can come Thursdays from 4:30-5:30
Jazzerettes can come every Thursday from 3:30-4:30

All TEAMS! Remember all teams will be performing at the Spring Recitals on Saturday May 21st!! One show is at 5pm and the other is at 7pm! Each team will perform 1 dance and Jazzerettes will perform 2.