Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Calendar of Events

6Th 4-6 pm Juniors w/Samantha
5-7 pm Jazzerettes w/ Samantha
7th Saturday Smalls w/ Samantha
9-11 am to finish Hip Hop Dance
13th Friday a select few from Smalls will work with Gertie from 5-7 pm
21st Saturday Halftime @ISU Reed Gym for Poky Boys Game
"Futuristic" Jazzerettes and Juniors Be there at 1pm
25th-27th Wed-Friday Thanksgiving Break.
Please let us know if you will be gone all week.
9th Wednesday Half time performance @Skyline.
JV "Ice Cream Freeze" Tinys 6:15 ready to perform.
Varsity "Ordinary Day" Smalls 7 pm
12th Saturday Shelley High School half time performance JV "Stand Out" Minis
17th Thursday Samantha will be here to work with Minis and Smalls in their Hip Hop Classes
18th Friday Dress Rehearsal for Winter Recital at Hillcrest Auditorium
19th Saturday Winter Recital Show @ 6 pm Hillcrest High School. ALL IDS STUDENTS
21st Monday Ali from LA is here to work with the Jazzerettes 4 -8 pm $50
Master Class with Ali Ingelstrom for ages 12-up and any Junior 8-9:30 pm $15 per dancer.
22nd Tuesday Class with Ali 4-8 pm with Jazzerettes.
ALL OTHER CLASSES--No Dance Dec 21st-Jan 3rd
4th Monday Classes Start after holiday break
6th Wednesday Half Time performance @Skyline JV "Nerds" Juniors be there at 6 pm
Varsity "Walking On Sunshine" Jazzerettes be there at 7:45 ready to dance!
11th Monday Bengal Dancer Farewell @ Reed Gym in Pocatello
Competition Groups TBA
15th Friday Half Time Performance @ IFHS Freshmen Tinys Jazz Dance @6 pm
JV Minis Jazz Dance @6 pm
Varsity "Hoe Down" Smalls @7:45
18th Monday No dance Human Rights Day
3rd Half time Performance @IFHS vs Hillcrest
Freshman Juniors Jazz Dance @6pm
JV "Right Now" Jazzerettes @ 6pm
Varsity "Futuristic Dance" Jazzerettes and Juniors
12th and 13th Dance 4 Life Competition Ogden Utah
15th Monday No dance Presidents Day
19th Miss Cassi's Baby Boy Due!
6th East Idaho Showcase, Shelley High School
Performance opportunity for all area studios.
13th Idaho Dance Fest @ Pocatello High School
29th - April 2nd No Dance SPRING BREAK
9th and 10th Celebrity Dance Competition Salt Lake City, Utah :
Tinys will NOT be attending this competition
16th and 17th Utah Dance Fest Logan, Utah
15th Dress Rehearsal at studio for Wonderland
18th Dress Rehearsal at Civic Auditorium for Wonderland
19th WONDERLAND SHOW @ 6pm at Civic Auditorium
20th Picture Day for Wonderland at the Studio
21st Jazzerettes in Concert Hillcrest High School Auditorium.
Awards night to follow right after.
24th-28th Last week of regular classes
28th Last Day of Dance
4th Competition Team Tryouts
15th-25th Summer Dance Camp
All 2010-2011 Competition Teams required to attend.
2nd Friday Parade Practice for all IDS students who want to participate
3rd Parade for all IDS students. Competition Team members need to attend if you are in town.
25th and 26th Fall Registration

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calendar of Events

A calendar of events was sent home with your dancer this week (or will be the beginning of next week depending on the day you dance). Please keep it so you can refer to it often. It has pretty much EVERY DATE on there that is important for you to know as far as dance is concerned.

If you have conflicts or questions, please let Gertie or your teacher know IMMEDIATELY! Please don't wait 6 months to tell us if you have a conflict when you know about it now! We understand that things come up, but if you are planning a week at Disneyland in April, my guess is you already know about it, so we would like to know about it too!


IDS Staff

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Parent Meeting

September 30 at 8 pm is the parent meeting for all Competition Team Dancers parents. There will be a lot of information covered. If you are unable to attend please send someone in you place.


before the meeting, at 7pm, we will have the warm up exchange. Bring your IDS warm ups that no longer fit to sell to a smaller girl. If you have never purchased a warm up, this would be a GREAT opportunity to get one slightly used. Please come prepared to purchase a new warm up if you are unable to get a used one. They will be $65.

Wonderland Cast

Thank you to everyone who came and tried out for the lead roles in our Spring production of "Wonderland." We are so fortunate to have so many great dancers to choose from.
Remember that EVERYONE at Infinity is part of the spring show.
ALL Classes will dance in the production whether you have a main part or not!
Congratulations to the following people!
Alice--Aubri B
Alice's Sister--Ashley G
White Rabbit--Cara G
Tweedle Dee-- Lizzie H
Tweedle Dum--Shania A
Walrus--Morgan W
Carpenter--Megan O
Oyster's Mother--Marissa K
Red Rose--Lindee P
White Rose--London
Caterpillar--Grace N and Halle C
Cheshire Cat--Kynlee C
Cheshire Dog--Miklyn K
Small Alice--McKenna T
Tall Alice--Kaylynn H
Mad Hatter--Jocelyn C
March Hare--Chelsie W
Tea Party Mouse--Brittany H
Queen of Hearts--Ashley W
King of Hearts--Lindsey S

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fund Raiser Money Due

Cookie Dough Sales and Mary Kay Sunscreen Sales are both
due today Monday September 14th.
Please bring all your money and information to the studio.

Thanks for all you do!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dance Has Started!

Our first week of dance has started! There has been a little confusion about start dates but we have begun! See you at the studio!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Registration for 2009-2010 Season

Don't Forget!!

Dance Registration for our upcoming season is this week!! Please be ready to pay the $25 registration fee along with your first months tuition. We'll see you at the studio!!

All Returning Students
Wednesday, August 26th From 6-8 PM

New Students
Thursday, August 27th from 6-8 PM

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Dance Blast

Summer Camp sign up deadline is JUNE 8th!
Late registration will have a $20 late fee added on.

Gretchen will be at the studio from 4-5 pm on Monday for all last minute sign ups.

Remember, if you are on one of the competition teams you are required to attend summer dance camp.

Monday, June 1, 2009


CONGRATS to all who made the competition teams! Can't wait for our new year to get started! See you all at Summer Dance Blast! Get signed up TODAY!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Upcoming Events

We have a busy last couple of weeks of dance coming toward us. Please refer to the calendar to the left for all events. Please be on time and ready to go in full costume and make up at the time assigned to you. It helps us stay on schedule if you are early and ready to go.

We have had a great year! Let's end it with a BANG! Thanks for your dedication to Infinity!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Utah Dance Fest--Logan

Our last competition is behind us. We accomplished some amazing things this year! I am proud to be a part of Infinity!

At this competition the rankings are given in medal form. Platinum, High Gold, Gold, High Silver, Silver and so on. There were 224 dances at this competition with 22 studios from Utah and Idaho. The competition is STIFF here. We represented ourselves VERY WELL!

Here are the results.

Kung Fu Gold 2nd Runner Up in the Tiny Division

Jump Up Gold 1st runner up in the Tiny Division

Cheetah Love
High Gold Overall winner in the Mini Division Also received Best Hip Hop in the Tiny/Mini Division

Center field High Gold 1st Runner Up in the Mini Division

All Dressed in Love

One Step At a Time High Gold Overall winner in the Intermediate Division

When I Grow Up High Gold Best Hip Hop in the Jr. Division

Skippin' High Gold

Toy Solider High Gold Best Hip Hop in Advanced Division

High Gold 8th place in the entire Senior Division

Mercy Gold

Speed Racer
PLATINUM! There were 224 dances and only 7 platinum awards given. Also received Best Costume in the Advanced Division.

At the end of all the dances they find an average overall score for each studio.
Infinity Dance Studio won the HIGHEST OVERALL AVERAGE out of 22 studios!

On a side note, I want to let you know how far we have come this year. At the Logan Competition last year, we barely placed in the top 10 at all. We did get a few High Gold awards, but we did not do well as a whole overall. For us to come back and WIN the whole thing shows some major improvement and dedication on your part! Thank you to everyone for working so hard this year!

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Night and Time!

has been changed to
MAY 21st @ 7:30 pm!
Eagle point park
on Eagles Homestead DR.

Last Names starting with :
A-H Main Dish
I-N Salad
O-T Appetizers
U-Z Dessert

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Competition Team Tryouts

IDS Team Tryouts MAY 30th!

Jazzerette Team 9:00 am- 11:00 am
Ages- 9th grade and up

IDS Jrs. 11:15 am – 1:15 am
Ages 6th -9th grade

IDS Smalls 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Ages 4th - 6th grade

IDS Minis 3:15 pm – 4:45 pm
Ages 2nd - 3rd grade

IDS Tinys 5:00pm-5:45 pm
Ages 1st -2nd grade

* If your child is advanced to move beyond her age group,
then instructors at IDS will take that into account!

Mark you Calendar

Our Awards night will be Friday May 22nd
Eagle Point Park in Ammon.
potluck dinner
more details to come!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dance Unlimited--Burley Competition

We just got back from Dance Unlimited in Burley this weekend and
OH MY did we do GREAT!
So proud of all our dancers and the hard work you put in!

Here is a recap of the results.

Every dance is given a "star" rating.

All the team dances were given 4 stars!

Great job!
Beyond that, each dance was ranked according to dance style and age group. On the division level, there is a TOP 10 ranking as well as some judges choice and overall awards.
I know it is a lot to process. We were a bit confused by it all too.

Novice Division

Kung Fu
won High Score in the Character Dance category. It placed 2nd in the Top 10.

Jump Up
won High Score in the Hip Hop category. It also got High Score for the 6 year olds. It placed 1st in the Top 10.

Beginner Division

placed 3rd in the Top 10.

Cheetah Love
won High Score in the Hip Hop category as well as High Score for the 9 year olds. It placed 1st in the Top 10.

Overall Awards for Novice/Beginner Division
This includes all dances; solos, duos, trios and teams.

won a Judges Choice award for Artistry in Costumes.

Kung Fu
won Command Performance.

Jump Up
won Overall High Score.

Junior Intermediate Division

All Dressed in Love
won High Score in the Jazz category and High Score for the 11 year olds.

One Step at a Time
won High Score for the 10 year olds. It also placed 4th in the Top 10.

When I Grow Up
won High Score for Hip Hop and High Score for the 12 year olds. It placed 1st in the Top 10. It also took the Command Performance award for the Jr. Division.

Combined Level Division

Speed Racer
won High Score for Jazz category and High Score for the 14 year olds. It placed 1st in the Top 10.

Toy Soldier
won High Score for the Hip Hop category. It placed 2nd in the Top 10.

Senior Division

won High Score in the Modern Dance category. It placed 4th in the Top 10.

won High Score in the Hip Hop category and High Score for the 17 year olds. It placed 1st in the Top 10.

Skippin' won Overall High Score for the ENTIRE COMPETITION!

Congratulations to all of the wonderful dancers! And to Gretchen and Samantha, our wonderful choreographers.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Updates Available!

The calendar of events for the next couple months is listed here for you. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ogden Competition Results

As promised here is the follow up to Gertie's email and recap of the Ogden competition results.  

First off, let me just say that we did AWESOME at the competition.  

So awesome in fact, that Derryl Yeager HIMSELF invited us to perform with his professional dance company Odyssey Dance Theatre on Thursday night.  Derryl has been a professional dancer for over 20 years and has performed in many Broadway shows including A Chorus LineDream Girls, and Cats.  He is a choreographer and has directed for many shows at Tuacahn in St. George, including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Oklahoma.  He founded the Odyssey Dance Theatre in Salt Lake City and they are currently showing their Spring show at Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah campus.  

The solo dancers all danced BEAUTIFULLY and we are very proud of them.  The competition is AMAZING in Utah.  Talk about a whole other level of dance!  We feel blessed to even be able to be among them!  

Here are the results of the Team Competition.
The ranking is done like medal contention.  Platinum is the highest (they did not give out any at this competition), then High Gold(there were only 6 awarded and we got 3!), Gold, High Silver, and so on.  

Kung Fu  
received a Gold and took first in their division.
Jump Up 
received a Gold and took second in their division.
Cheetah Love 
received a Gold and took first in their division. 
received a High Gold and took first in their division.  
All Dressed in Love 
received a High Silver and took third in their division.
One Step At a Time 
received High Silver and took second in their division.
When I Grow Up 
received a Gold and took first in their division.
Toy Soldier 
received a High Gold and took first in their division.
 received a High Gold and took first in their division.
received a High Silver and took second in their division.
received a High Silver and took second in their division.

In addition they give overall awards in Novice, Intermediate and Advanced categories.  

Centerfield won first in Novice.  
Toy Soldier won second in Intermediate.
Skippin' won first in Advanced.  


Back to Derryl Yeager.  He invited the winner of the overall advanced competition, which is SKIPPIN', to come and perform with Odyssey onTHURSDAY NIGHT!  This is a HUGE honor.  He also asked us to bring TOY SOLDIER to perform as well so we are doing it!  Here is the message from Sam with all the details.  Get your tickets, find your car pool, whatever you need to do!  We are performing on stage with a 
SO exciting.  
Parents, you should be so incredibly proud of your dancers!  I know we are!   


Derryl Yeager, Odyssey Founder, gave me his personal cell phone number (hee hee) and told me to call him with any questions.  This is what I know FOR SURE:

Time: 5:00 pm SHARP 
Where: Kingsbury Hall (University of Utah Campus)
Tickets: 801-581-7100


Sam is calling Derryl Monday to see where the dancers will sit to watch the remainder of the show, because "Skippin" is the 1st number of the night, Derryl does a piece, then "Toy Solider" is 3rd. 

Monday, March 9, 2009

OnStage Dance Classic

Here are the results from our first competition.  The dancers were so great and received so many amazing awards!

Solo's on Friday Night

Sadie Wold 
 1st runner up as well as the award for the best "DRAMA"

Blakeley Smith 
 1st runner up as well as the "Best Choreography" by Gretchen Hunsaker
and "Judges Choice"
(which means each judge gets to pick their favorite soloist!)
Lindee Pickett
 1st runner up...but in my book she was the queen! She was just beautiful that night!

Ashley Wood
 took 4th and was very good for just finishing the dance the night before...she thought she had another week!

Megan Owen 
1st runner up as well and was a very spunky 80's chick!


They have a point system that determines what you place 
so I decided to show just how close we came to taking 1st on some dances!
Skippin 2nd place 175... 1st 179
Mercy 2nd 186... 1st 189
Speed Racer 1st 188....2nd   166
Toy Soldier 1st 194....2nd 168
All Dressed in Love 3rd 173... 2nd Fab 5 174...1st 179 4th...162
When I Grow Up 2nd 186.....1st 187 OH SO CLOSE!
Gravity 2nd 185...1st 193...3rd 171...4th 163
Jump Up 1st 176...2nd 168
Centerfield 1st 175....2nd 169
Kung Fu 1st 186...2nd 178
Cheetah Love 1st 188...2nd 174

Special awards

"Highest Score of the Day" TOY SOLDIER 194
"Pop Drop and Lock" Cheetah Love
"Best Choreography" Toy Soldier! Way to go Samantha Lunt

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pictures from Jump-Up Halftime

We thought it might be fun to start posting a few pictures from our performances!
If you have any that you have taken, please e-mail them to the studio e-mail address and I will get them posted on the blog.

Our mini's did a halftime at Skyline High School on Wednesday night. They danced "Jump-Up" and did great! We got a lot of compliments and definitely entertained the crowd.
Good job, girls!

(Photographs courtesy of Ryan Hansen. Thanks, Ryan!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Half Time Schedules

Here is your quick reference for half times during January.
It's time to gear up! Things are getting busy.

Thursday, January 8th- Idaho Falls High School
Cheetah Love- 7:45

Tuesday, January 13th- Idaho Falls High School
Skippin'- 7:45

Thursday, January 15th- ISU Holt Arena
Kung Fu- 7:05 (If there is inclement weather, we will not be going keep posted)

Saturday, January 17th- ISU Holt Arena
Speed Racer or Toy Soldier- 6:30

Tuesday, January 20th- Skyline
Centerfield- Time TBA

Wednesday, January 21st- Skyline
Jump Up- Time TBA

Saturday, January 31st- Shelley High School
All Dressed in Love- 7:00