Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ogden Competition Results

As promised here is the follow up to Gertie's email and recap of the Ogden competition results.  

First off, let me just say that we did AWESOME at the competition.  

So awesome in fact, that Derryl Yeager HIMSELF invited us to perform with his professional dance company Odyssey Dance Theatre on Thursday night.  Derryl has been a professional dancer for over 20 years and has performed in many Broadway shows including A Chorus LineDream Girls, and Cats.  He is a choreographer and has directed for many shows at Tuacahn in St. George, including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Oklahoma.  He founded the Odyssey Dance Theatre in Salt Lake City and they are currently showing their Spring show at Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah campus.  

The solo dancers all danced BEAUTIFULLY and we are very proud of them.  The competition is AMAZING in Utah.  Talk about a whole other level of dance!  We feel blessed to even be able to be among them!  

Here are the results of the Team Competition.
The ranking is done like medal contention.  Platinum is the highest (they did not give out any at this competition), then High Gold(there were only 6 awarded and we got 3!), Gold, High Silver, and so on.  

Kung Fu  
received a Gold and took first in their division.
Jump Up 
received a Gold and took second in their division.
Cheetah Love 
received a Gold and took first in their division. 
received a High Gold and took first in their division.  
All Dressed in Love 
received a High Silver and took third in their division.
One Step At a Time 
received High Silver and took second in their division.
When I Grow Up 
received a Gold and took first in their division.
Toy Soldier 
received a High Gold and took first in their division.
 received a High Gold and took first in their division.
received a High Silver and took second in their division.
received a High Silver and took second in their division.

In addition they give overall awards in Novice, Intermediate and Advanced categories.  

Centerfield won first in Novice.  
Toy Soldier won second in Intermediate.
Skippin' won first in Advanced.  


Back to Derryl Yeager.  He invited the winner of the overall advanced competition, which is SKIPPIN', to come and perform with Odyssey onTHURSDAY NIGHT!  This is a HUGE honor.  He also asked us to bring TOY SOLDIER to perform as well so we are doing it!  Here is the message from Sam with all the details.  Get your tickets, find your car pool, whatever you need to do!  We are performing on stage with a 
SO exciting.  
Parents, you should be so incredibly proud of your dancers!  I know we are!   


Derryl Yeager, Odyssey Founder, gave me his personal cell phone number (hee hee) and told me to call him with any questions.  This is what I know FOR SURE:

Time: 5:00 pm SHARP 
Where: Kingsbury Hall (University of Utah Campus)
Tickets: 801-581-7100


Sam is calling Derryl Monday to see where the dancers will sit to watch the remainder of the show, because "Skippin" is the 1st number of the night, Derryl does a piece, then "Toy Solider" is 3rd. 


Natalie said...

Way to go IDS! We are so thankful to have you Gretchen & Sam in our lives! Thanks for making our competitions so enjoyable and full of success! Love, Natalie & Reagan Grover

Nettie! said...

Ditto to what Natalie said!

We're so proud of everyone and thank the teachers for all their dedication and hard work!

Love, Annette and Audrey Hansen

kaitlyn said...

YOU ROCK! we saw you at Ogden and Burley. Your choreography and costumes were fantastic for Speed Racer, Toy Soldier, Skippin, Centerfield and other dances you preformed. I think you should consider competitions like Spotlight, New York Dance Alliance, Dance America Nationals ect.. You are good enough to clean up at those competions also. It makes it enjoyable to attend competitions where there are exceptional talented kids to watch. We really enjoyed watching the dancers from IDS preform.