Friday, April 29, 2016

Jazzerettes in Concert 2016

Jazzerettes In Concert
“Dancing Through the Decades”

1. Intro Dance- All Jazzerettes
2. Welcome! Teachers
3. Where are you”-Jazzerettes
4. Naughty Ballerinas- Juniors
5. OZ- Smalls
6. Miss America- Tweens
7.  “Slumber Party- Minis
8.  “Simplify- JV
9.  “Dance Floor- Varsity
10. Spring- Seniors
11.  “Dream On –Itty Bittys
12.  “WonderfulTinys
13.  “Twist- Smalls & Tweens
14.  “Bollywood- I-Jump
15.  “Sh-Boom- JV & Varsity
16. “ Sorry- I-Crew
17.  “Whole Wide World-Smalls
18.  “Wildfire- Tweens
“Hey Mami”-Seniors
19.  “CheerleaderTinys
20.  “It’s a Musical- Varsity
21.  “Oldies- JV
22.   Amidst the ChaosSeniors
23. Will Always Love You”-Tweens
24.  “Jungle GirlsJuniors
25.  “Lifeguard- Itty Bittys
26.  “Singin’ in the Rain”- I-Jump
27.   “Ready”- I-Stomp & I-Crew


10 year awards
Senior recognition

28.  “Burn it Up”- JV & Varsity
29.  “Lost Boy”- Juniors
30. “Villains”- Tweens
31.  “Footloose”- Seniors
32.  “Better when I’m Dancin”-Tinys
33.  “Big Bad Wolf”- Minis
34.   “O”- JV
35.  “Funky lil’ Girls”- I-Stomp
36.  “Here Comes the Sun”- Smalls
37.  “Fuel to the Fire”- I-Crew
38.  “Big Band”- I-Jump
39.  “This is What it feels like”- Tinys
40.  “I Woke Up Like This”- Seniors
“Straight Up”-Minis
41.  Get on your feet- I-Stomp
42.  Spine- Varsity
43.  Disco Fever- Smalls
44.  Dancing Thru the Decades- I-Crew

“Celebrate 10 years” 

Solo Schedule
Livy & Jaylee
Annabelle Black
Lexie Westergard
Makynlie Erikson
Kelli Kerner
Jayda Escobar
Miklyn & Marissa Kane
Brytan Hudman
Jackie Andreason
Annika Smylie
Ali Ackerman
Shania Adams

Thursday, April 28, 2016

NRG Results

The Jazzerette Teams attended a Convention/Competition in Provo a couple weeks ago that we absolutely LOVED!  NRG was such an uplifting and fun experience!  We are planning to attend again in the future.  Each team competed two dances. Here are their results.

Simplify- High Gold
Oldies-High Gold and 3rd Overall
Dance Floor- High Gold
Spine- Platinum
Amidst the Chaos- Platinum
I Woke Up Like This- Platinum