Thursday, February 24, 2011

March 5th Schedule

Here is the schedule for Saturday March 5th at Rigby High School!  Admission is $5.00; dancers are free! This will be such a good refresher for our studio!

Tinys please arrive at 9:30 am
Minis please arrive at 10:15 am
Smalls please arrive at 10:00 am
Juniors please arrive at 12:00 pm
Jazzerettes please arrive at 9:30 am

10:00 am

1 RHS Troyettes Prop Jar of Hearts
2 FCD 4 yr olds Wobbley Woopsie
3 RMS Boys Younger Low
4 IDS Tinys Down Set Hut
5 FCD Teenies Material Girl
6 IDS Jazzerettes Smile
7 Dance Unlimited Performance Team Pump It
8 FCD Senior Jazz Aha
9 Dance Addiction Babes Cowboy's
10 IDS Tinys Hey Mickey
11 RMS Boys Older Electric Ya
12 South Fremont Cheer Show Routine
13 Rigby Jr. High Jazz Right Now
14 Dance Addiction Juniors Magic
15 IDS Smalls Dancing Queen
16 IDS Jazzerettes Rock N USA


17 FCD Junior Jazz Tomorrow Can Wait
18 RHS Troyettes Jazz Miss Kiss
19 Paunie's School of Dance Starry Starry Night
20 RMS Varsity Stars All I do is Win
21 FCD Elementary Love Today
22 IDS Minis Work It Girl
23 Dance Unlimited Performance Team Tennessee Line
24 IDS Smalls Lollipop
25 FCD Beg. 5-6 yr old Music Everywhere
26 Dance Addiction Babes First Love
27 IDS Jazzerettes Steal the Show
28 South Fremont Cheer Sideline Cheer
29 FCD Comp Team Ballroom Blitz
30 Paunie's School of Dance African Prayer
31 IDS Minis At the Hop
32 Movin Up Dance School Days
33 RMS Showteam Kung Fu Fighting
34 IDS Smalls Don't Stop Believin
35 FCD Elementary Hokey Pokey

12:00 Lunch 12:30

36 RHS Troyettes Hip Hop Black & Yellow
37 FCD Beg. Per group Stand Out
38 Rigby Jr. High Military Run the Show
39 IDS Jazzerettes Arms
40 FCD 3 yr. Olds Skippedy doda
41 IDS Juniors Feel Your Love
42 Dance Unlimited Performance Team First Love
43 Dance Addiction Babes & Juniors Football
44 Paunie's School of Dance Destiny
45 FCD Jr./Sr. Hip Hop Outta Your Mind
46 Dance Addiction Intermediates Don't Worry Now
47 IDS Jazzerettes Hoodies
48 South Fremont Cheer Balls Stunt Stunt Group
49 FCD Teen Jazz Paris to Berlin
50 Dance Unlimited Performance Team Ain't Nothin Wrong with That
51 IDS Juniors Push Push
52 Movin Up Dance Thriller


53 RHS Troyettes Kick Man with a Hex
54 Paunie's School of Dance Rockstar
55 FCD Petite Jazz Welcome to the Show
56 Dance Unlimited Competition Team Faded
57 Dance Addiction Seniors Fragile
58 IDS Jazzerettes Hot Like Wow
59 South Fremont Cheer Add Stunt Stunt Group
60 FCD Senior Lyrical 61 FCD Mini Jr/Petite Hip Hop Flip my hair
62 IDS Juniors Body Rock
63 Dance Unlimited Competition Team Here's My Life
64 Paunie's School of Dance Fashionista
65 FCD Teen HipHop
66 IDS Jazzerettes Glam
67 Movin Up Dance Thankful
68 South Fremont Cheer Boys plus one Stunt Group


69 RHS Troyettes Military Omen
70 Dance Addiction Intermediates & Seniors Bad Dream
71 IDS Juniors Zombie Club
72 Dance Unlimited Competition Team Thunder
73 Paunie's School of Dance Ballet

This will be super fun and fast!!!
Love Gertie

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Picture Schedule--Competition Teams

All dancers need to be on time!!!!!!! Please be ready 10 mins before your photo time! Watch for picture flyer to come home with dancer.


Tinys Picture Schedule
3:30-4:30 Thursday studio will be open at 3:00pm for those wanting to get a head start on individuals
1st Picture Down Set Hut
2nd Hey Mickey
3rd Warm-up outfits and Hip Hop shoes with pig tails and down set hut bows
4th Change hair into 1 pony tail for pink ballet dress with hair piece

Minis Picture Schedule
4:30-5:30 Thursday
1st picture Work it girl with side pony
2nd Warm-ups with hair in high pony tail and Hip Hop shoes
3rd At the Hop
4th Ballet outfit with hair in BUN where pony tail was. Just turn curly pony into pretty bun :)

Smalls Picture Schedule
5:30-7:00 Thursday
1st picture Lollipop with hair in pig tails
2nd Dancing Queen with hair in high pony tail
3rd Warm-ups with hair in high pony tail and hip hop shoes
4th Don't Stop Believing with low pony tail parted on the left
5th Ballet (Black leotard and floral skirt) hair in low bun. Just turn low pony tail into pretty bun


Juniors Picture Schedule
5-7pm Friday or whenever we get done :)
1st picture Push Push hair in high pony tail curly
2nd Warm-ups with hair in high pony tail and hip hop shoes
3rd Feel Your Love with hair in low right side pony tail
4th Ballet (Wear black halter leotard with pink tights and ballet skirt, any skirt you want and have or borrow) Hair in low right bun
5th Body Rock
6th ZOMBIE CLUB with scary make-up....Sam and I will do the scary make-up!

Jazzerettes Picture Schedule
studio will be open at 3:30pm for those wanting to get a head start on individuals
4-6pm Friday or whenever we get done :)
1st picture Smile
2nd Arms
3rd Warm-ups hair down and pretty and hip hop shoes
4th Hoodies
5th USA
6th Ballet Purple dress with pink ballet tights and toe shoes hair in low side bun
7th Hot like Wow
8th Steal the Show

ALL TEACHERS!! I would like you in one of the warm-up pictures with whatever team you would like!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pictures for Competition Teams

We are having PICTURES taken next week during Dance.

Thursday, Feb 24th at the Central studio
Tinys: Be here READY at 3:30. Plan on being here until 4:30
Minis: Be here READY at 4:30-5:30 (or until you are done)
Smalls: Be here READY at 5:30 and plan for at least an hour.

Jazzerettes need to be there from 4 pm-6 pm
Juniors need to be there from 5 pm - 7 pm

The reason we are having them early is because our picture gal, Aimee is having a baby in the spring. Also, please plan on all costumes, including ballet and warm-ups.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dance For Life Results

We are so proud of our dancers and their efforts. They killed it! We now know exactly what we need to work on.

Tinys- We are listing Tinys first because they stole the show!! Tinys took FIRST PLACE in both of their dances and also won the OVERALL NOVICE division! Woo Hoo Tinys! They literally could not have done any better.

Minis- Minis took first in Hip Hop and Second in Jazz, only missing first place by 5 points. The judges loved how difficult the dance was for that age group and commented on their good technique. They thought that Work it Girl was super fun and loved their outfit and hair.

Smalls- Smalls took second in Hip Hop, Third in their modern (Don't Stop Believin') and Sixth in their Jazz (Dancing Queen). They loved the lollipop costume and energy. We think Don't Stop Believing was performed the best we've ever seen it!! The Smalls team is ready to work hard in ballet to improve each of their dances!

Juniors- Took FIRST and SECOND in Hip Hop for Body Rock and Zombie Club. They took Fifth for Jazz (Push Push), Third for lyrical Feel My Love. Juniors also took FIRST with Body Rock in the Intermediate Division and THIRD for Zombie Club. TWO PLACES IN THE OVERALL STANDINGS!! They took first and third out of 47 dances in their division. The judges loved the Body Rock costumes! They said they were super fun and bright and filled up the stage....thanks for ALL of your hard work Pam to get these put together!! They loved the Zombie concept-very unique and it was performed very well. For Feel My Love they said that they could tell you love doing the dance and it was a beautiful performance. VERY WELL DONE!

Jazzerettes- Took Second in Hip Hop for Hoodies, Second in Jazz for Hot Like Wow and both of these dances were only 3 points away from first!!! Steal the Show took a close fourth as the top 4 places were all within 3 points!! (First and second place tied.) Arms took third and Smile took fourth. Rockin' the USA took Fourth as well. Hoodies took SECOND in the overall ADVANCED division which was 42 numbers!! When they announced second place, the judge said, "I LOVED that dance". :)

So: Overall we are so THRILLED with the results. We took FIRST in the Novice division, FIRST in the Intermediate division and SECOND in the Advanced division against some amazing, tough, competition.

We are really proud of our girls and appreciate their hard work. We are also really cracking down and focusing our attention on ballet over the next 6 weeks. We have talked to each team and explained that for them to improve their technique, they need to improve their ballet!! We are so excited, they are excited and here we go!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Info for this week

1st- The Tinys Halftime in Shelley tomorrow night is CANCELLED!!! The older girls have their stage practice as well as a performance and there is just a lot going on with the competition this weekend. Please spread the word!!

Stage Practices: At Hillcrest Highschool

WEDNESDAY NIGHT Juniors and Jazzerettes

Be ONSTAGE, dressed in ALL BLACK and be stretching at 4 pm sharp!! Gretchen needs you ready to go when you show up so that we don't waste any valuable time.
You need to bring your costumes with you to stage practice for Evening of Dance performance.
Jazzerettes: Hot Like Wow
Juniors: Body Rock- Hair for this dance is low right side pony tail
Gretchen will bring your green shorts to give to you.
We will leave stage practice right at 7 to go to the Civic for the Evening of Dance. Body Rock is # 16 and Hot Like Wow is #20 (The show has 24 dances)
The Evening of Dance starts at 7 pm. Make sure you have a ride home.

THURSDAY NIGHT Smalls, Minis and Tinys

Tinys will be there from 4-5:30
Minis and Smalls be there from 5-7
Tinys- please be ONSTAGE stretching at 4 pm. Also, Gretchen would like the girls (and Vai) to be dressed in black. (Black leotard and shorts or leggings) Please be on time!!
Minis and Smalls be ready to go at 5 pm. Dressed in black with awesome attitudes ready to work hard!! :)


For those of you who haven't attended the Ogden competition before it is held in the Val A. Browning Center on the Weber State Campus. The address is: 3750 Harrison Blvd, Ogden Utah
When you walk in the front door, you will take a sharp left and follow the signs to our dressing room. You won't go up the stairs.
Remember to bring you can of food to get $3 off your admission!!
The times to be there are below. You should've been e-mailed the dance order.
Juniors and Jazzerettes:You need to be at the facility at 7:15 am. We will start warming up together at 7:30 in our dressing room
Smalls: Arrive by 9:00 am
Minis and Tinys: Be there by 1:30 pm.

Parents: Wear IDS attire!! We have t-shirts for sale for $5 and even have little kids sizes!! Be prepared to cheer for our dancers. Get loud and proud!! We are so excited for this weekend and can't wait to show what we've been working on.

A personal note : PLEASE be on time. It stresses Gertie out if you are late!! Thanks- Jill:)

Okay-let's get ready for this weekend. We can't wait!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone is enjoying the month of February so far! I know it has been hard for a few of you this year not being able to watch your dancer in class and I really want your experience at IDS to be great for you and your dancers. So that being said I would like to invite all parents wanting to observe classes to GO FOR IT
the month of February. This is IDS's Happy Valentines Gift to you and a Thank You for sharing your dancer with us! If classes go well and teachers are fine then we will consider making this permanent. HOWEVER if it is to difficult to keep the focus on the students then we will have to end it in March :( Please understand we want the very best for the students. HAPPY VALENTINES!