Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dance For Life Results

We are so proud of our dancers and their efforts. They killed it! We now know exactly what we need to work on.

Tinys- We are listing Tinys first because they stole the show!! Tinys took FIRST PLACE in both of their dances and also won the OVERALL NOVICE division! Woo Hoo Tinys! They literally could not have done any better.

Minis- Minis took first in Hip Hop and Second in Jazz, only missing first place by 5 points. The judges loved how difficult the dance was for that age group and commented on their good technique. They thought that Work it Girl was super fun and loved their outfit and hair.

Smalls- Smalls took second in Hip Hop, Third in their modern (Don't Stop Believin') and Sixth in their Jazz (Dancing Queen). They loved the lollipop costume and energy. We think Don't Stop Believing was performed the best we've ever seen it!! The Smalls team is ready to work hard in ballet to improve each of their dances!

Juniors- Took FIRST and SECOND in Hip Hop for Body Rock and Zombie Club. They took Fifth for Jazz (Push Push), Third for lyrical Feel My Love. Juniors also took FIRST with Body Rock in the Intermediate Division and THIRD for Zombie Club. TWO PLACES IN THE OVERALL STANDINGS!! They took first and third out of 47 dances in their division. The judges loved the Body Rock costumes! They said they were super fun and bright and filled up the stage....thanks for ALL of your hard work Pam to get these put together!! They loved the Zombie concept-very unique and it was performed very well. For Feel My Love they said that they could tell you love doing the dance and it was a beautiful performance. VERY WELL DONE!

Jazzerettes- Took Second in Hip Hop for Hoodies, Second in Jazz for Hot Like Wow and both of these dances were only 3 points away from first!!! Steal the Show took a close fourth as the top 4 places were all within 3 points!! (First and second place tied.) Arms took third and Smile took fourth. Rockin' the USA took Fourth as well. Hoodies took SECOND in the overall ADVANCED division which was 42 numbers!! When they announced second place, the judge said, "I LOVED that dance". :)

So: Overall we are so THRILLED with the results. We took FIRST in the Novice division, FIRST in the Intermediate division and SECOND in the Advanced division against some amazing, tough, competition.

We are really proud of our girls and appreciate their hard work. We are also really cracking down and focusing our attention on ballet over the next 6 weeks. We have talked to each team and explained that for them to improve their technique, they need to improve their ballet!! We are so excited, they are excited and here we go!

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