Monday, November 16, 2015

Winter Recital Dress Rehearsal Info

Competition Teams Dress Rehearsal will be on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9 at Hillcrest High School. 

1. Hair, Make-up and FULL costume is a MUST! This will really help us to get ready for comp season!

2. Itty Bittys, Tinys, and Minis need to order their hairpiece on cheerleader called "Youth Spirals" ASAP! Color swatches are in offices if you want to color match your dancers hair.  All other teams watch for hair information soon. 

3. PLEASE BE ON TIME!!!!! Each dance only gets 10 mins on stage! Your dancer needs to show up EARLY enough to be completely ready for 1st dance
and STRETCHED! ITS VERY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL to coaches and team to walk in when you should be on stage!!!

4. ALL DANCERS SHOULD WEAR THE MARY KAY "RED" LIPSTICK  ASHLEY PAYNE 251-7212 can order it for you. Her daughters are on I-Jump and I-Stomp!

5. This Rehearsal is set in stone so at this point NO CHANGES can be made.

6 .REMEMBER THIS IS A WEDNESDAY EVENING NOT A THURSDAY EVENING!!!  Thursday all classes will be at regular times at studios.

7. Show is Friday Dec 11th 6:30pm...doors will open at 6:00pm.

8. All JAZZ teams should have Pink tights, Pink ballet shoes or point shoes, Tan tights, and the RIGHT REQUIRED JAZZ SHOES. If you do not already have their jazz shoes thats BAD and they need them NOW!! About half of Varsity and JV still DO NOT have their black jazz shoes!! PLEASE GET THEM SO THEY CAN PRACTICE WITH THEM!!!

Wednesday December 9th Hillcrest High School Auditorium Schedule

3:30-3:45 Itty Bittys "Lifeguard" Dance 
3:45-3:55 Tinys Ballet Dance
3:55-4:05 Minis Ballet Dance
4:05-4:15 Tinys "Cheerleader" Hip Hop
4:15-4:25 Minis "Slumber Party" Jazz
4:25-4:35 Tinys " This is What it Feels Like"Lyrical
4:35-4:45 Minis "Big Bad Wolf" Hip Hop
4:45-4:55 Smalls Ballet Dance
4:55-5:05 Tweens Ballet Dance
5:05-5:15 Smalls "Oz" Jazz
5:15-5:25 Tweens "Miss America" Jazz
5:25-5:35 Smalls "Whole Wide World" Contemp
5:35-5:45 Tweens "Wild Fire" Contemp
5:45-5:55 Smalls "Disco Fever" Hip Hop
5:55-6:05 Tweens "Bad" Hip Hop
6:05-6:15 I-Jump "Balliwood" Hip Hop
6:15-6:25 Juniors "Lost Boys" Lyrical
6:25-6:35 I-Jump "Big Band" Hip Hop
6:35-6:45 Juniors " Welcome to the Jungle" Jazz
6:45-6:55 JV Ballet Dance
6:55-7:05 Juniors Ballet Dance
7:05-7:15 JV " Simplify" 
7:15-7:25 Varsity " It's a Musical"
7:25-7:35 JV "O" Chelsie's
7:35-7:45 Varsity Lydia's
7:45-7:55 Seniors " Hey Mami"
7:55-8:05 JV & Varsity "Burn It Up"
8:05-8:15 Senior "Spring"
8:15-8:25 JV " Oldies" Hip Hop
8:25-8:35 Senior & Varsity Ballet 
8:35-8:45 I-Stomp Jefferey
8:45-8:55 Varsity " Dance Floor    " Hip Hop
8:55-9:05 Senior " He Knows Why" Contemp
5 Min break to change
9:10-9:20  I-Stomp & I-Crew "Ready or Not " Hip Hop
10 min break to change
9:30-9:40 Ballet Variations
10 min break to change
9:50-10:00 Senior " Woke Up Like This" Hip Hop
5 min break to change
10:05-10:15 I-Crew "Fuel the Fire" Jefferey