Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Finishing Touch Order

Hello IDS FAmily
I am excited to put all our dances to stage!! Such a GREAT step forward to getting the "Finishing Touches" done!

The event is at Hillcrest High School. Admission is 5$ to get in and there will be food consesions and other fun venues!!  There will also be a dance down that evening at around 7:30 for only 7$!! Its just IDS and Dance Factory at this event so it will be very laid back, FUN and an EXCELLENT learning experience! So that being said the following teams are REQUIRED to do the dance down!! IT IS GOOD FOR THESE DANCERS!
After the dance down we will get to see our judges perform! WOW!! SO AWESOME!

OK here is a list of all TEAMS and TIMES they will need to arrive on Saturday. I will also list the order of their dances as well!!

Itty Bittys- arrive at 8:15 am "Sparkle"  get done around 9:10 am

Tinys- arrive at 8:15 am for "Blue Suede Shoes"
"Jungle Girls" get done around 10:15 am

Minis- Arrive at 8:15 am for "Slugger"
"When Will I See You Again"  get done around 10:45 am

Smalls- arrive at 10:30 am for "Work"
"Little Black Dress" get done at 1:45pm

I-Jump- arrive at 11:00am for "Mail"
"Flashback" get done around 1:35 pm

Tweens- arrive at 11:30pm for "Don't Rain on my Parade"
"Somebody Who Loves ME"
"Hoodies" get done around 2:30pm

Juniors- arrive at 2:00pm for "Fireball"
"Carrion" get done around 3:45pm

I-Stomp -arrive at 2:30pm for "Girls"
"Insane" get done around 4:45pm

JV Jazzerettes- arrive at 1:00pm for "Amazing Grace"
"Place w/ No Name"
"Party" get done around 4:45pm

Varsity- arrive at 1:30pm for "Ladies"
"Here for You"
"Au Revoir" get done around 4:45pm

Seniors- arrive at 3:30pm for "Au Revoir"
"Wanna Dance"
"Brand New"
"Quiet Darkness" get done around 6:15pm

I-Crew- arrive at 5:30pm for "Pay My Bills"
"Country Swag" get done around 7:30pm

Makynlie 10:00am
Jackie 12:15pm
Payton 12:45pm
Ali 1:40pm
Sarah 2:10pm
Chelsie 2:40pm
Jordynn 7:00pm