Monday, December 6, 2010

Costumes and Hair for Competition Teams

Please print off this list and keep with you for competition season!! It has all of your costume pieces and how your hair should be for each dance. If a dance is TBA, we will let you know! (These are dances that aren't being done in the winter recital)

Also- ALL OF THE HALFTIMES SCHEDULED ON DECEMBER 18TH HAVE BEEN CANCELLED!! It is Christmas break and we had a lot of conflicts-so we cancelled them!

However, the TINY PRACTICE is still ON for 9-10 am on the 18th!!

Here is a breakdown for your costumes and hair. Please read carefully and make sure you have all of the pieces listed.

Jazzerettes- (Hair is curly wavy in all styles)

Smile: down curly wavy with the front bit in a braid starts on the left and goes to the right
Maroon shorts and top, tan tights and jazz shoes
Ali’s dance: same as smile Maroon shorts, Black top, (wear a tight black tank top-get on own), tan tights and jazz shoes
Hoodies: Hair is down with bright red headband Red Hoodie, Red headband, purple tank top, neon yellow bra, warm up sweats, red high tops
Rockin’ USA: Hair in left low pony tail with hat
*Army- Camo unitard, black sports bra(get on your own) army hat, army belt, tan tights jazz shoes
*Navy- White dress, blue shorts, gold bra, navy hat, tan tights jazz shoes
*Air Force- Tan Dress, red shorts, black sports bra (get on your own), air force hat, tan tights jazz shoes
Steal the Show: Low curly pony tail Select 8 Girls are in charge of their fedora hat, White blouse, black corset, tight dark skinny jeans (On your own) black fingerless gloves, red high tops (Needs to wear halter bra under this outfit get on own *Sam will tell you more!!)
Hot Like Wow: In messy bun with a braid coming out of it
Both pointe variations and Ballet dance: Slicked back bun with no bangs in the middle of back of the head. (not low, not high) Ballet Dress, black leotard(On your own) pink tights pink ballet shoes toe shoes with ribbon
Pointe Variation-black leotard and black skirt (on your own) pink tights, toe shoes with ribbon

Juniors- (Hair is straight in all styles)
Zombie: crazy ratty wtih headband if they are a “boy” it’s in a low pony tail and braid the pony tail
*Girls- Black Hot Shorts (On your own), black tutu and white tutu, corset, headband, tan tights with hip hop shoes
*Boys- White shirt, black pants, tan tights, hip hop shoes (cream and black) silver tie, black hat, suspenders
Push Push: Low bun with hair parted on the the left Pink or turquoise or gold dress, tan tights, jazz shoes
Feel your love: Low pony tail with straight hair headband, ribbon belt, charcoal dress, tan tights, jazz shoes
Ballet: Low bun charcoal dress without ribbon belt and without headband, pink tights, pink ballet shoes
New Hip Hop TBA

Smalls- (Hair is straight in all styles)
Dancing Queen: High pony tail on top of head with headband
One piece outfit with headband (If they need a bra, make sure it’s not showing in the back)
Lollipop: Two high pig tails with bows
black leotard, striped vest, two skirts, striped tights, pink shoes, two hair bows (Pin flower onto vest)
Ballet: Bun in back of head black leotard, floral skirt, pink tights, pink ballet
Modern: TBA

Minis- (hair is curly in all styles)
At the Hop: High Curly pony tail Black leotard with pink sequins, poodle skirt, headband, tan tights jazz shoes
Work It: High Curly pony tail with sweat band black leotard, tan tights, white tennis shoes, red or pink leg warmers, red or pink 80’s tshirt, sequined belt for over their shirt on their waist, sequined sweat band
Ballet: High bun on top of head salmon dress with tutu, jewel skirt to lay over tutu, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Tinys: (Hair is curly in all styles)
Ready for This: Two pony tails with bows grey shorts, tan tights, black hip hop shoes (Vai no tights), blue jerseys two blue bows
Ballet: High pony curly pony tail (Vai-Black jazz pants, white shirt, pink bow tie, black ballet shoes,) Girls- pink dress, pink tights pink ballet shoes
Jazz Dance TBA: High curly pony tail

And again- PLEASE get your recital fees in by Wednesday of this week!!! It is $15 per dancer or $25 per family (More than one dancer). I know we have said it a million times, but we still have over half of the competition girls that haven't paid! Yikes!! Also- tuition is due by Friday the 10th. I WILL NOT be taking tuition money at dress rehearsal. It's too hard to keep track of everyone's money. Thanks!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Upcoming Recital, etc.

A few items of business for competition teams:

1. Don't forget that all dancers need their tights and shoes from "All That Dance Wear" 390-9650 for Winter Recital next week. If they do not have them they will not perform.......we have a high standard for comp teams :)
Please remember that IDS is not associated with this store. I just tell her what shoes and color of tights I want for the girls. I don't know who has paid and who has not.....sorry.

2. ALL JAZZERETTES need to bring back their ballet costumes to dance ASAP because the back ordered ones will not get here in time so we have rushed ordered a new outfit......OH THE JOYS OF COSTUME ORDERING!!!

3. Jazzerettes are performing at both recitals! Juniors and Minis are Dec 11th and Smalls and Tinys are Dec 9th and 10th

4. Get Recital fee paid before dress rehearsal because its hard on Jill to have to track people down and try to get her 3 girls ready as well. We would really appreciate it. :)

5. Mnis have extra practice on Monday from 7-8pm

6. I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A TINYS PRACTICE Saturday DEC 18th from 9-10 am.....will that work for tinys?

7.Thanks and I love your dancer! They are all working soo hard!

Thanks Gertie