Thursday, December 2, 2010

Upcoming Recital, etc.

A few items of business for competition teams:

1. Don't forget that all dancers need their tights and shoes from "All That Dance Wear" 390-9650 for Winter Recital next week. If they do not have them they will not perform.......we have a high standard for comp teams :)
Please remember that IDS is not associated with this store. I just tell her what shoes and color of tights I want for the girls. I don't know who has paid and who has not.....sorry.

2. ALL JAZZERETTES need to bring back their ballet costumes to dance ASAP because the back ordered ones will not get here in time so we have rushed ordered a new outfit......OH THE JOYS OF COSTUME ORDERING!!!

3. Jazzerettes are performing at both recitals! Juniors and Minis are Dec 11th and Smalls and Tinys are Dec 9th and 10th

4. Get Recital fee paid before dress rehearsal because its hard on Jill to have to track people down and try to get her 3 girls ready as well. We would really appreciate it. :)

5. Mnis have extra practice on Monday from 7-8pm

6. I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A TINYS PRACTICE Saturday DEC 18th from 9-10 am.....will that work for tinys?

7.Thanks and I love your dancer! They are all working soo hard!

Thanks Gertie

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