Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter Recital Information

First of all: It's Parents week this week!! All of you wonderful parents are invited to come into your children's classes to see what they have been working on! :) Please remember to be courteous to your dancer and their instructor and not to distract from the class.

Just to clarify: The Eastside refers to our studio on 17th out in Ammon. Central refers to our studio on 15th St. And the "Tinys, Minis, Smalls, Juniors, and Jazzerettes" are our auditioned competition teams that all attend at the Central studio.

basic rehearsal and show time information: The dancers need to be at Hillcrest 10 minutes before their stage rehearsal time.
A dress rehearsal means that you have full hair, make-up and costume on just like you will for the real show! Your dancer will be receiving a handout in class describing their costume pieces and how they should be worn along with how their hair and make-up should be done. (A heads up for all Ballet moms: All ballet shoes and tights need to be pink!
If you need to purchase any shoes or tights, you can contact Cassie Murdock will "All That Dancewear" at 390-9650

At Hillcrest there is a side stage door by a garage door facing Sunnyside road that dancers can come in through with one parent only. If your dancer is in only 1 dance that night we also ask that they come and go in the costume because of limited dressing rooms.

Winter recital dates and times are as follows:

DECEMBER 9th (Thursday) at Hillcrest High School is

EASTSIDE dress rehearsal
teams Tinys, Smalls, and Jazzerettes
7-12 grade Hip Hop class from Central Side!
3yr old Tuesday combo w/ Molly- 3:15pm-3:30pm
4 yr old Tuesday combo w/ Molly- 3:30pm - 3:45pm
Kindergarten Tuesday combo w/ Molly 3:45pm- 4:00pm
Kindergarten Thursday ballet/ jazz w/ Cassi 4:00-4:15pm
1-2 Grade Tuesday combo w/Molly 4:15pm-4:30pm
1-2 grade Monday Tap/Hip Hop w/ Natalie 4:30-4:45pm
1-2 grade Thursday tap/ hip hop w/ Natalie 4:45-5:00pm
TINYS TEAM 5:00-5:15pm
3-6th grade Monday ballet/ Jazz w/ Natalie 5:15-5:30pm
3-6th grade Wednesday Hip Hop w/ Ashley 5:30-5:45pm
Boys Hip Hop Wednesday w/ Ashley 5:45-6:00pm
7-12 grade Thursday ballet/ jazz w/ Cassi 6:00-6:15pm
7-12 grade Monday and 7-12 grade Wednesday on central Hip Hop w/ Ashley 6:15-6:30pm
SMALLS TEAM 6:30-7:30pm
Jazzerettes 7:30pm-9:15pm

December 10th (Friday)
Eastside 5th Annual Infinity Winter Recital at 6pm
.....doors open at 5:15pm and dancers arrive at 5:30pm

December 11th (Saturday)
Central side Dancers, Mini Team, Junior Team, and Jazzerettes......
7-12 grade Hip Hop from Eastside.

Your dress rehearsal times are as follows:
3 yr old Wednesday w/ Natalie 11:00am -11:15am
4 yr old Wednesday w/ Natalie 11:15 am- 11:30am
Kindergarten Wednesday w/ Natalie 11:30am-11:45am
1-2 grade Monday Ballet/ Jazz w/ Cassi 11:45am- 12:00pm
1-2 grade Wednesday Hip Hop w/ Lisa 12:00pm- 12:15pm
MINI TEAM 12:15pm-1:00pm
3-6 grade Tuesday Ballet/ Jazz w/ Kelbee1:00pm- 1:15pm
3-6 grade Tuesday Hip Hop w/ Betty1:15 pm-1:30pm
JUNIOR TEAM 1:30pm-3:00pm
7-12 grade Wednesday and Monday Eastside Hip Hop w/ Ashley 3:00pm-3:15pm
Jazzerettes 3:30pm- 5:15pm

SAME DAY December 11th Saturday
Central side 5th Annual Infinity Winter Recital starts at 6pm
Doors open at 5:15pm and dancers arrive at 5:30pm.

During both shows we ask that you bring your dancer back stage to perform their dance 2 numbers before their dance. Please do not get out of your seat until each dance is over.

We ask that you DO NOT tape off seats to save for your family and friends during dress rehearsal. The stage crew of Hillcrest will remove it. If you would like to save seats the doors open at 5:15 and then you are welcome to sit and save for your family and friends.It will not be as crowded as last year because we have cut the show into 2 shows, but still be aware that there will be a big crowd. We also ask that if the people you are saving for are not seated 5 to 7 mins before the show please give up their seat. I want these recitals to be a fun and enjoyable evening for everyone. Especially the dancers! Lets keep our Christmas Spirit :)

Your dancer will NOT be able to perform if:

1.Recital fee of $15.00 per dancer or $25.00 per family of dancers is NOT paid.
The $15 recital fee (or $25 for more than one dancer) is to pay for the auditorium. There will be no admission for your family and friends. PLEASE include your recital fee with your December tuition. There will be a list of unpaid fees at dress rehearsal and we will be checking each class as they are rehearsing. It is really a hassle to be collecting money at the auditorium, so please be considerate and get it paid before the show.

2. Costume is not paid for.
If you have not yet received a costume price they will be posted soon. I will send another e-mail out at the end of the week with costume prices listed for each class. Many of you have already paid and we so appreciate that!! Please get your money in as soon as possible so we can have everything ready to distribute. Thanks!!

3. Your account is in the negative and you have fees past due.
If you have certain circumstances where any of these might be very difficult to do please contact Gretchen Hunsaker (Owner) and she will be more then happy to discuss things over with you :)

There WILL be dance held the week after the recital.
Dance lets out for the Christmas break on December 17th and resumes Monday, January 3rd.

And now a personal note from Gretchen:

I am very excited to see these awesome dancers hard at work in these 2 shows. I am also VERY VERY proud of my instructors and the work they have put into
choreographing each dance and the love and discipline they show their students. I am happy to have everyone of you dancers, parents, and teachers part of the IDS family!
I have really had fun getting to know some of the new ones and still look forward to meeting you all.

Thank you!!!

Phew. I think that is all for now! Watch for costume prices. There is also a sheet hanging in each studio with updated prices if you need to know how much your costume is.
If you have any further questions-please feel free to reply to this message. Thanks so much!


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Jessica Taylor Blaine said...

I am not getting the emails please add me to your list. My student is Emma on Monday with Natalie @ 4:00-5:00.