Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Info for this week

1st- The Tinys Halftime in Shelley tomorrow night is CANCELLED!!! The older girls have their stage practice as well as a performance and there is just a lot going on with the competition this weekend. Please spread the word!!

Stage Practices: At Hillcrest Highschool

WEDNESDAY NIGHT Juniors and Jazzerettes

Be ONSTAGE, dressed in ALL BLACK and be stretching at 4 pm sharp!! Gretchen needs you ready to go when you show up so that we don't waste any valuable time.
You need to bring your costumes with you to stage practice for Evening of Dance performance.
Jazzerettes: Hot Like Wow
Juniors: Body Rock- Hair for this dance is low right side pony tail
Gretchen will bring your green shorts to give to you.
We will leave stage practice right at 7 to go to the Civic for the Evening of Dance. Body Rock is # 16 and Hot Like Wow is #20 (The show has 24 dances)
The Evening of Dance starts at 7 pm. Make sure you have a ride home.

THURSDAY NIGHT Smalls, Minis and Tinys

Tinys will be there from 4-5:30
Minis and Smalls be there from 5-7
Tinys- please be ONSTAGE stretching at 4 pm. Also, Gretchen would like the girls (and Vai) to be dressed in black. (Black leotard and shorts or leggings) Please be on time!!
Minis and Smalls be ready to go at 5 pm. Dressed in black with awesome attitudes ready to work hard!! :)


For those of you who haven't attended the Ogden competition before it is held in the Val A. Browning Center on the Weber State Campus. The address is: 3750 Harrison Blvd, Ogden Utah
When you walk in the front door, you will take a sharp left and follow the signs to our dressing room. You won't go up the stairs.
Remember to bring you can of food to get $3 off your admission!!
The times to be there are below. You should've been e-mailed the dance order.
Juniors and Jazzerettes:You need to be at the facility at 7:15 am. We will start warming up together at 7:30 in our dressing room
Smalls: Arrive by 9:00 am
Minis and Tinys: Be there by 1:30 pm.

Parents: Wear IDS attire!! We have t-shirts for sale for $5 and even have little kids sizes!! Be prepared to cheer for our dancers. Get loud and proud!! We are so excited for this weekend and can't wait to show what we've been working on.

A personal note : PLEASE be on time. It stresses Gertie out if you are late!! Thanks- Jill:)

Okay-let's get ready for this weekend. We can't wait!!

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