Friday, April 22, 2011

Idaho Dance Fest, Pocatello April 23

Tinys need to come ready @ 11:30 am 1st dance Mickey
Minis @ 12:00 pm 1st dance At the Hop
Small @ 11:45 am 1st dance Dont Stop Believing with hair parted on the left on low pony tail on the right
Juniors @ 12:00 pm 1st dance Feel My Love
Jazzerettes will not be dancing at this competition because they will be attending Jump Workshop in SLC.However I would love it if they could come and support the others!!

This is Easter Weekend  so as soon as you dancer is done performing for the day you are free to go!All teams need to arrive at 6pm in the other gym.

It is now the time of year we have been working soooo hard for!!! Competitions!! I ask that everyone come prepared  There are way too many dancers forgetting their costumes and such! I made everyone a check list PLEASE go over it before you leave your house. I am organized so that you can be as well :)

All teams are gearing up for Jazzerettes in Concert May 20th with NEW dances!! Minis and Tinys are doing a Justin Beber dance with guest Jazzerette performers! Smalls and Juniors are teaming up together to do a dance as well.
If you have too days absent or ups that could result in an absent you can make them up by coming to practice with the other team you are dancing with!!!

Tinys & Minis can come Wednesdays from 4:30-5pm with Jazzerettes
Smalls need to come every Friday from 5-6pm at East studio
Juniors can come Thursdays from 4:30-5:30
Jazzerettes can come every Thursday from 3:30-4:30

All TEAMS! Remember all teams will be performing at the Spring Recitals on Saturday May 21st!! One show is at 5pm and the other is at 7pm! Each team will perform 1 dance and Jazzerettes will perform 2.

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