Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Schedule Apr 19-20

Its finally here...the schedule for ROY, UT.
The owner of this event had a very serious family emergency so that is why it took so long.
This competition takes place at ROY HIGH SCHOOL in Roy, Utah.

TINYS need to arrive ready at 8:30am for "Circus"
"Circus" will perform around 9:39am
"Over the Rainbow" 11:36 am

MINIS need to arrive ready at 1:15 for "Rag Dolls"
"Rag Dolls" perform at 2:18pm
"Mad House" at 3:06pm

SMALLS need to arrive at 8:45am ready for "Sailing Home"
"Sailing Home" performs at 9:51am
"Paris" 10:51am
"Cops and Robbers" 2:15pm

I-JUMP need to arrive ready at 2:00pm for "Back in Time"
"Back in Time" performs at 2:57pm
"Johnny's Angels" at 3:45pm

TWEENS need to arrive at 9:30 ready for "Just the Way You Are"
"Just the Way You Are" dances at 10:33am
"Party Girls" 12:36pm
"Release Me" 1:15pm
"Cops and Robbers" 2:15pm

JV Jazzerettes need to arrive ready at 9:00am for "Im Home"
"Im Home" dances at 10:03am
"Put Your Records On" 12:09pm
"Cinema" 1:42pm
"Get Bizzy" 2:54pm

VARSITY Jazzerettes need to arrive at 2:00pm ready for "After the Storm"
"After the Storm" dances at 3:09pm
"Viva La Vida" 3:42pm
"Settle Down" 4:00pm
"Diamonds" 4:15pm

I-CREW needs to arrive at 3:45pm ready for "Work it Out"
"Work it Out" dances at 4:48pm
"Turbulence" dance at 5:00pm

AWARDS AT 6:45pm!!

Thanks Gertie

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