Sunday, April 28, 2013

Roy results

Sorry it took me a while to give results, but I have to admit I wanted to let the dancers know in class!!

Ok so Infinity ROCKED IT on Saturday April 20!! The total points is out 300 total....300 being PERFECT
Each studio got a special award and our studio got the one and only BEST TECHNIQUE/EXECUTION AWARD!
That is by far the best one to get!!

Circus took 1st place with a 288 pts plus they won Judges Choice in Lane 1 out of 70 different dances!!
Over the rainbow took 1st with a 285 and 2nd place was a 269 yikes tinys you killed them!

Rag Dolls 1st place 289 and 2nd was a 281
Mad House 1st place 286

Johnny Angel 1st place 283
Back in Time 1st place 288

Paris 2nd place 290
Sailing Home 1st place 285.5

COPS AND ROBBERS 1ST PLACE AND HIGHEST SCORE 298 pts IN LANE 2...out of 70 different dances!!

Just the Way You Are 1st place 290.5
Release Me 2nd place 283.5
Party Girls 1st place 285 and 2nd was a 279

JV Jazzerettes
Cinema 1st place 288
Get BIzzy 1st place 287
Put Your Records On 2nd place 294...AWESOME 3rd was a 286 and 1st was close
I'm Home 1st place 291.5

Varsity Jazzerettes
Diamonds 1st place 295.5 WOW GIRLS
Settle Down 1st place 288
After the Storm 1st place 291.5
Viva La Vida 1st place 287

Turbulence 1st place with 291
Work It Out 1st place with 289

Stay tuned for results from yesterday in Boise......SO FUN!!!!!
Love Gertie

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