Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Competition Team Pictures

Thursday March 1st and Friday March 2nd:  TEAM PICTURES

Tinys pictures 3:30-5:00 then practice from 5-6pm
        1 Ballet with hair in bun on top of head
        2 Beiber Bots with hair piece
        3 Footloose
        4 Warm-ups
Minis pictures 4:30-6:00 then practice from 6-7pm
       1 Hip Hop " 10's Across the Board" hair in two buns
       2 warm-ups  hair in two buns
       3 ballet hair pulled back into 1 bun
       4 Hot wings
Smalls Pictures 6:00-7:30 practice before pictures from 4:30-5:30pm
    1 singing in the rain 2 low curly pony tails
    2 warm-ups side right pony tail
    3 Smile   Hair in sock bun (NOTE THE CHANGE IN HAIR!!)
    4 Snow White Hair in sock bun
    5 Ballet Blue high sock bun on top of head.
I-Crew pictures 7:30-8:15 practice from 8:15-9:00pm
   1 Gamers
   2 Fanny Pak

FRIDAY all teams wear their hair in pictures how its worn for the dance at competitions
I-Jump picture from 4-5pm then practice from 5-6pm
          1 Schools Out
          2 Tea Party
Jazerettes pictures from 5:00-7:00pm
         1 Warm-ups hair down
         2 Money curly pony tail
         3 Im Home high bun
         4 Ballet high bun
         5 Bratitude high bun
         6 Hot Like Wow Hair like last year... a puff on top of head then a messy bun followed by a braid
Juniors pictures from 6:30-8:30pm
         1 Bratitude high bun
         2 Papi high bun
         3 Set Fire to the rain  high bun
         4 Ballet high bun (Juniors please bring black hot shorts you can wear with your new
black leotard you just got!)
         5 Warm-ups hair down
         6 Got No Strings pig tails

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