Monday, February 25, 2013

Dance Factor, March 2

Hello Dancers
You were all so amazing Saturday and looked so great!! It was nice to get such wonderful feedback from the judges before we compete this Saturday!
Remember they changed the location to Marsh Valley High School in McCammon, ID. It will take a little over an hour to get there from Idaho Falls. Below is a ROUGH schedule for Saturday and the time I would like the teams to be ready...not to arrive, but be ready.

#1 Tinys "Over the Rainbow" Please be ready at 8:30
#11 Minis "Rag Dolls" Please be ready at 8:30 am
#16 "Circus"
#17 Tweens "Party Girls" please be ready at 9:00am
#25 Smalls "Paris" please be ready at 9:30am
#26 Varsity "Diamonds"please be ready at 9:30am
# 28 "Mad House"
#29 JV "Cinema" please be ready at 9:30am
#31 "Sailing Home"
#34 I-Crew "Turbulence" please be ready at 10:00am
#35 "Just the Way You Are"
#38 I-Jump "Johnny Angel" please be ready at 10:00am
#39 "After the Storm"
#42 "Im Home"
Lunch Break
#49 "Get Bizzy" will perform at around 1:30pm
#51 "Viva La Vida"
#56 "Cops and Robbers"
# 59 "Release Me"
#62 "Put Your Records On"
#63 "Settle Down"
#65 "Back in Time"
#66 "Work It Out"
Awards are around 4:30pm and I would like ALL dancers to stay for awards at this competition.
It will be fun!! AND FAST!!

Love Gertie

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