Monday, May 2, 2011

Utah Dance Championships Results

WOW WHAT A DAY!!! IDS did amazing!!!!
Here are the results from all divisions and points out of a possible 300 points

Smile 1st  287/300
Hoodies 1st 293/300
Arms 2nd by 1.5 pt   287.5/300
Rock N USA 2nd by 1.5 pt  287.5/300
Steal the Show 1st   297.5/300       Lane 2 award!! (only 6 lanes for the entire day and Jazzerettes took one!) out 67 dances!
Hot Like Wow 1st 293/300

Push Push 1st    288/300
Body Rock 1st   290.5/300
Zombie Club 1st   293/300
Feel My Love 1st   295/300   WAY TO GO JUNIORS!!

Don't Stop Believing 2nd by 2 pts 285/300
Dancing Queen 1st   288/300
Lollipop 1st   296/300

At the Hop 1st 290/300
Work It Girl 2nd by 1 pt :( SOOOOO CLOSE  284/300

Down Set Hut 1st    293/300
Hey Mickey 1st      285.5/300   WAY TO GO TINYS

Also the entire Infinity Dance Studio took home the BEST TECHNIQUE AWARD!!!
(see all the extra ballet is paying off!)

Our solos, duet, and Trio did awesome as well!!

Kaitlyn and Olivia got 2nd attendant 278/300
Lindee Pickett got 2nd attendant 288.5/300
Morgan Webster got 3rd attendant and tied with 2nd attendant with a 281/300
Miklyn Kane got 1st attendant 278/300
Kaitlyn Kessinger Winner/ Queen  286/300
Kia Ackerman Winner/ Queen 286/300
Trio Payton, Chelsie, and Katie 1st attendant (WINNER  in my book) 282.5/300
Payton Whithead Winner/Queen 293/300
Alicent Ackerman 3rd attendant 275/300

SOOOO Proud of all the dancers, we had such a fun and wonderful day together. Thanks parents for all your hard work to get them there and ready!

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