Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 20th Jazzerettes in Concert

Run through on stage:
Jazzerettes ballet and New hip hop at 4:30 pm
Jr. ballet, Smalls ballet and their dance together 5 pm
Mini and Tiny ballet and Justin Beiber dance 5:30 pm

SHOW STARTS at 6 pm, doors open at 5:15 pm

1 On The Floor- Jazzerettes
2 Hoodies- Jazzerettes
3 Lollipop- Smalls
4 Carry You Home- Junior Ballet
5 Dreamer- Morgan Webster
6 Work It Girl- Minis
7 Arms- Jazzerettes
8 All About Me- Alicent Ackerman
9 Down Set Hut- Tinys
10 Push Push- Juniors
11 Don't Stop Believing- Smalls
12 Smile- Jazzerettes
13 Somebody to Love- Jazzerettes, Tinys and Minis
14 Feel My Love- Juniors
15 Congratulations- Lindee Pickett
16 Winter's Song- Payton Whitehead
17 Mickey- Tinys
18 First Date- Smalls ballet
19 Body Rock- Juniors
20 Answers-Jazzerettes ballet
21 I'm So Excited- Kaitlyn Sellers and Olivia Steadman
22 Rock N USA- Jazzerettes
23 At The Hop- Minis
24 On The Floor- Juniors and Smalls
25 Gotta Figure This Out- Kia Ackerman
26 Glam- Chelsie Westergard, Katie Austin, Payton Whitehead
27 Promise- Miklyn Kane
28 A New Deal-Tiny ballet
29 Steal The Show- Jazzerettes
30 Dancing Queen- Smalls
31 Fix You- Kaitlyn Kissinger
32 Saving Gemma- Mini Ballet
33 Zombie Club- Juniors
34 Hot Like Wow- Jazzerettes

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