Friday, May 26, 2017

Competition Class Schedule 2017-2018

To my DEAR Competition teams:

I am so excited to be sending you this information.  There are going to be some major changes to how our schedule goes for next season.  I have really put a lot of thought into it-and sincerely appreciated the feedback in the parent surveys and really took your comments and concerns to heart. I hope that this schedule will reflect the thought and process that it's taken me to get to this point.  I've been wanting to make these changes and finally have it figured out.  Please know I have been thinking about this for a couple of years and working on it for over six months...and I really feel that this will benefit EACH team and help each dancer grow and reach their full potential.
Each time slot will now have a designated purpose.  For example, one time slot will only be for technique.  Another will only be for working on team dances.  Another will be devoted solely to ballet (Not their dance....just strict ballet technique and study).  The older teams will have a slot dedicated to strength and conditioning.  I am so excited to put these changes into place and feel that it will truly help push and grow each dancer.  You will see a full schedule as we get closer to next season starting but for now, please see below the times scheduled for each team.

Please keep in mind that acro times are still TBD.  The reason for this is that all Acro classes will be based on levels.  We will get those out as soon as we can plug everything in.  Another change is that Acro will only be required for 3 months out of the 9 months of the dance season. Sessions will be Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb, or March-May.   It will be offered year round for those who want to take it all year.

Also, we are so happy to be introducing some new, FABULOUS instructors to our Infinity family.  
Please welcome Jennifer Teusher (ballet), Kjersti Burnham (ballet), Rachel Cook (Jazz technique) and welcoming back Teisha Handy (Jazz technique)
We are BLESSED to have you on board.

Thanks everyone!!  We are so happy with this dance season and look forward to the change that the new season always brings.






Tuesday 4:00-7:00 (Central) (If girls are 12 yrs old, then they are excused at 6:50)



JV Jazzerettes (All at Central)
Wednsday 4:15-6:45

Varsity Jazzerettes (All at Central)

Senior Jazzerettes (All at Central)


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