Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebrity Dance Competition Results

Hi All
WOW!!! What an amazing weekend for IDS!!! We were on fire Saturday and it showed big time and paid off big time as well. For those who are unfamiliar with the scoring system this is how it works:
Each dance itself is judged on how many points it gets, Platinum being the highest then High Gold, Gold, and Silver.

Then they take the highest points and give 1st, 2nd, 3rd in their STYLE category (Like Hip Hop, jazz, modern, etc.)
Then they take the entire age group with all style categories and give the overall awards of 1st overall, 2nd overall, 3rd overall.....this is the highest level you can achieve at Celebrity!

So with that being said hold on to your seats because IDS ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!

Sadie and Bayden got a High Gold and a 1st in category and 2nd overall!!!
Kaitlyn Kessinger got a Gold and 4th overall
Blakeley Smith got a Gold and 5th overall with 13 people in her category!!!

Stand Out GOLD.....1st in hip hop category....3rd OVERALL juniors ages
Jetsons Gold.......1st in jazz Category.....1st OVERALL!! juniors ages

Dinosaur Gold.....1st in jazz in category Intermediate
Ordinary Day HIGH GOLD.....1st in contemporary category......3rd OVERALL Intermediate ages
Hoedown Throw Down PLATINUM (only one given at daytime awards!) 1st in hip hop category and 1st OVERALL Intermediate ages

Crazy Love Gold .....1st in Lyrical Category
What a World HIGH GOLD....1st in hip hop category....1st OVERALL Pre-teen Ages

Juniors and Jazzerettes
Walkin' On Sunshine GOLD 3rd in jazz category
Kill the Lights PLATINUM......2nd in hip hop category.....lost 1st by .5 :(

Better Man GOLD......2nd in contemporary category
Right Now GOLD......3rd in jazz category....there were 8 other teams in this category!!
That's Not My Name PLATINUM......1st in Category

What an amazing day for everyone! I have never seen our dancers look that good.... I am way excited for this Saturday!! THERE WERE ONLY 15 Platinum's given out that night! so 16 total all day! IDS took 3!

Great Job to all our Dancers!

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