Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank you all!

I just want my studio family and friends at IDS to know how much I appreciate everything they are doing to keep IDS strong! My staff is so amazing and wonderful. Thank you for caring about your dancers in such a way that you want them to succeed in dance and teaching them how not only to be a better dancer, but better people as well!

Thank you to such wonderful parents of all the IDS dancers for allowing us to teach them! And all the extras you do around IDS to help keep my sanity!

And thank you to all my wonderful dancers! One of my most favorite things is watching you grow into a beautiful dancer. I can't believe how hard our competition teams have worked this year to get ready! The staff and I are always talking about how amazing each team is this year and how hard they work and how much we love our girls (and you too, Tyler)! It's incredible to me how much these little dancers love to dance. I know they would have to, to put up with me :) It has been crazy practices because we are competing an entire month earlier then normal, but the teams look so GOOD!

I am so excited to go and cheer them on! Parents we need a loud cheer section because you would not believe how much it helps the team get fired up! Thanks again to everyone who is a part of IDS. I truly feel so blessed to have each and every one of you as a part of my life.

Love Gertie

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