Thursday, November 17, 2011

Neverland Lead Characters

Congratulations to all who tried out for a character!  We had tons of great, talented dancers and we appreciate you all. 

Here are the results from our Neverland lead character auditions:

Little Tinker bell: Livvy Perkins

Michael: Paige Robinson

Head Star (2): Annabelle Black & Ashlyn Peebles

Little Mermaid (2): Brittany Hunsaker & Challis Potter

Little Schmee: Sydney Fergoso

Head Chief: Landon Taft

John: Tyler Finch

Head Lost Boys (2): Lexi Westergard & Marissa Kane

Fairies (3): Brighton Hudman-Pink; Olivia Steadman- Blue; Katie Keith- Yellow

Wendy: Whitney Manwell

Tinker Bell: Payton Whitehead

Schmee: Jackie Andreason

Head Fish: Chloe Quinton

Peter Pan: Kia Ackerman

Peter Pan Shadow: Alexa Klaass

Captain Hook: Chelsie Westergard

Tiger Lilly: Katie Austin

Main Mermaid: Ashley Gruel

Crocodile: Shelby Bauer

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