Monday, August 2, 2010

Competition Team Costume Fee #1 Due Aug 9

Hello All Competition Team Moms
I really hope you all read the paper work given to you and your dancer at tryouts on June 5th.
I am starting to worry because the warm-up fee was due June 25th and I still have not received all payments :(

The 1st costume deposit is due AUGUST 9TH......a week from today!
Tinys $75.00
Minis $75.00
Smalls $100.00
Juniors $145.00
Jazzerettes $175.00

The information about fees and dates should be on that pink paper that was handed out at tryouts titled "2010-2011 Competition Fees"
If you do not have one of these papers PLEASE PLEASE come and get from me next week! We broke up the competition fees and costume fees into 2 payments each this year so you would not have a huge amount due at once. Please don't be late paying this...I hate putting late fees on your accounts.
Thanks Gertie

Can't wait for next week does not cost anything for Smalls or Juniors. Jazzerettes you just pay $50.00 for Ali to IDS


FluffyChicky said...

When are you going to let us know the location of the Ammon studio?

And has there been any resolution for the Wonderland team photos? Some of us never received the team photos that were ordered...

Davy Jones said...

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